3 Tips To Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Friends, happy Thursday! I am delighted to let you know I have printed my 1st draft of my manuscript for my book! I am doing a read through and making changes to the 2nd draft! Things are progressing!! Faster than I would have ever imagined! I did pray for superhuman focus and speed! God is so funny! AND amazing!

I jumped on my Snapchat today and shared three tips to overcoming negative self-talk. I hope you resonate with it and it helps you in your journey to becoming, the truest version of you! I love you wildly and I pray for you to grow in love! Watch my Vlog below! 

Tip #1 Notice yourself, not in a judgy McJudgerson way, but rather in compassion. True, lasting change will come when we are kind to oneself. 

Tip #2 Expose the lie you're believing about yourself and ask God to give you the root of why you believe it. Let him help you heal those places

Tip #3 Speak TRUTH into that lie. Combat it with specific scripture from the Bible so you can achieve victory. Speak this truth over yourself often! It will take some time, but you can do it! 

Be sure to watch the vlog to understand a little deeper!