Holiday Preparation For The Soul, Part 1


 Bienvenidos, and Happy-Almost-Thanksgiving!! I love that you are here today! I have been feeling all sorts of emotions with the upcoming gatherings, trips, commitments, and preparations!  Although so many of these events bring a lot of excitement and happiness, I admit it brings on stress a little bit of grief as well. In this new season of my life, I have learned that to thrive I need to be proactive, and to be proactive I need to take time to think, clear my head and be filled up in order to serve and enjoy. What better time to apply what I've learned than this Holiday Season! Watch the video for some tips on how to prepare yourself for the gatherings and celebrations! 

We've created this Holiday Survival Guide to help YOU thrive this Thanksgiving and Christmas!  This is the start of a series to help you be the Boss of your home decoration, makeup and party fashion but we shall start off with our SOUL! It's an important place to start! On Friday, we will have 3 DIY centerpieces under $5!  So be sure to check back!

Thank you to Brenda Sotelo for directing, shooting, directing this series! You rock, girl!