The true joy of life is believing we already have everything we need, right here, right now, to live the life we dream of. In my journey to live the life God created me for, I have found that contentment is an integral part of living victoriously and that relationships and people, are where my most joyful experiences have happened. When I have moments with my family,  time seems to slow down and my heart experiences the bliss of joy and it feels like it's gonna explode. Every time I've experienced this, it has been in the least glamorized moments of ordinary life with my family. I've lived a life of 32 years. I would say I've experienced a plethora of things. I don't have what you'd call "worldly success" in many aspects, however, I would consider myself very blessed to be in the place I find myself, right now. Fully aware that there isn't going to be ANY thing or ANY place I can go, that could bring me enduring happiness. So I live for now. Definitely hopeful of amazing things in the future, because with God as he is, amazing things are always on the horizon. But I am grounded to where I am and I am finally able to live my life with out constantly striving. This has been a recent finding for me, so don't for a second think I'm all, zen, like and I "know" what I'm talking about, NO. I was deep in crazy striving to prove to myself and others, I was worthy of love. I wanted so badly to finally have it together. I STILL don't have things together, there has just been a switch that has made my life A LOT MORE PEACEFUL, and I would love nothing more than to share that with you! 

I use to be a happiness chaser. Nothing was ever right, right now and I dreamt of a day I'd finally feel ok. Well, the day came when I realized my mind was powerful and I could chose to be content. I can choose my feelings, in all situations. I think there is a rich value in realizing that where you are right now, can be where you wanted to be all along. To be more concise and make a little more sense I'll give you an example. I used to dream about being on TV. I would think to myself. If I were to ever be on TV, I would just feel like, I made it. Well, if you go to my press and media page you'll see I've been on TV countless times. I am so grateful I have had the opportunity! The fist couple of times, I was so giddy with excitement, but as it become a more normal thing for me, it started losing it's "wow". I certainly didn't feel like I had made it, it just made me hungry for more. I started thinking, well, now if I would feel good if I were on another movie. WELL, I believe this very thing is what prevents us from fully enjoying the lives we've been gifted with and the countless of blessings God pours out to us continuously. The notion that when an outside circumstance happens, we'll finally feel alright, is robbing us of our joy in this present moment.  I realized I don't have to strive to gather love or acceptance, I already have it from God and it's all I need. I can't do anything to gain it or lose it. I just have to learn how to receive it. I've had to coach myself and rely on God's love and word, to show me I can and should be content, TODAY. If I'm not happy now, I will never be. And honestly, happiness is so elusive! Joy, my friend, can be something we feel, even in the midst of pain and it comes from God so it can never go away so long as we want to recognize it. I am looking forward to making up my mind to be grateful and thankful for this very moment. To be content right now. To know that the most precious things in life are my relationships and to live in a way to cultivates that. Everything else will be icing on the cake! Wait, who said, cake? I want some!

Thank you for being here today, I love you so much and I pray that you go make the best of what God has given you right now. If it's a rough season, KNOW that the best is yet to come. He doesn't make you go through ANY hardship and just let you be. He can double your joy from what you've endured in pain.  (Isaiah 61:7) 

Xo, Libier