3 Ways To Accomplish Your Goals And Dreams

Going to New York this past week taught me so much. Here are 3 lessons I truly hope will bless you and encourage your journey to conquering your goals and dreams! I believe in you, my friend! 


You will be afraid of new things. What you do with it will dictate to you whether you can choose courage or not. Did you know that being excited and afraid are one in the same? Your body reacts in the same way, your heart rate goes up, you get butterflies in your tummy, your pits or hands get a little sweaty. It's the thoughts you think after your body reacts with these symptoms that will dictate how you will feel later and what action you will take. The next time you feel fear/excitement pick great thoughts like, "I am so excited to...." I know you feel afraid, but we can do this." "I am going to choose to believe and trust God." "I will move forward and seek adventure." You will start to develop courage you never had before and not letting fear hold you back. Remember fear is just a toxic thought you haven't summited into obedience to Christ. 


No one is "ready" for the next step of their life. You know people say that some are just lucky and get to do things. I think now I'd like to lovingly and respectfully suggest that what seems like luck is merely preparation meeting with opportunity. If you spend your days preparing for your goals, a little a time, you'll find that when a big opportunity comes along, you'll be ready for it because you've been practicing and preparing all along! What is something you can do today to prepare for your big audacious goals? Remember your daily routine is what matters more than talent, or stamina. What you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while. 


Having fun through the journey is just as important as visualizing the end result. If you don't make time to enjoy what is happening NOW, chances are that when you get to where you thought you should end up, you will still feel dissatisfied. Have fun today enjoying your personal journey. Look back and celebrate all that God has done with you and take today as light as possible. You are already successful because the creator of the entire universe loves you, and is for you! So have fun and enjoy the ride baby! 


Love // Libier