How To Overcome A Bad Day or Attitude

Friends, I am mainly writing this because I need to hear it! My day today started off with a bad case of the Monday's. It hit me HARD! I am usually really excited Monday's! I am usually always down to blog and to start the week and I found myself drowning with no motivation to do anything!  My body lacked energy and I felt like going to bed was going to be my full day this morning. I am doing a 21 detox challenge right now where coffee is not on the menu and what got me out of my house to run to the store was, "I'm going to break the challenge and get me a big cup of coffee and then all will be well. I'll have the energy to do what I need to do today." As I started my run to the grocery store to get coffee I noticed that as I popped on an encouraging podcast, the fresh air in my face and the oxygen going to my lungs from my run, I started to feel better. As I arrived at the store I was able to say no to that cup of joe and instead bought myself some really nice veggies and fruits! In instances when we can do the "right" thing or "wrong" thing, we feel the guilt of choosing the latter in such severe ways that we end up not trusting our own selves in future times and just give in to the "bad" behavior for lack of understanding the unending grace of Jesus for us. That's why it's important to show up for yourself. To do the best you can do and make the best choices you can possibly make. And in my experience learn to repent and RECIEVE the cleansing that comes from a life with Jesus e'rry day!  He paid a huge price so you and I could live our lives without guilt or shame. 

 Here are some action items to take away from my dragging morning. 

1.- We feel what we are thinking and focusing on.  If you dwell in negativity you'll stay there and even when you put something in you to "make you feel better" it will be short-lived. Instead, try focusing on different thoughts that make you feel better. Do what you need to do in spite of how you feel! Eventually, you'll gain energy and momentum and won't want to stay in negativity. 

2.- Listen to your body, when you do need a break take a break. But also understand that you are the one that tells your brain how much you can handle. Say great things about yourself to yourself and you'll soon see a shift happening within you. You are your best cheerleader! 

I love you so much, I believe these two ideas switched my bad day into a pretty productive and awesome one!  See you Wednesday! 

Love // Libier