How To Deal With Change

Friends. Today will be the shortest post of my life because I have to focus and do what I need to do more right now which is, edit my book. Life is always throwing change our way. It's how we react to change that determines whether we learn and become better or stay in frustration and resist the new season that can come our way! Change has come my way and I am frustrated. I feel like Bambi trying to get my footing. But you know how you get over not knowing how to do something? YOU DO IT, many times without the loss of enthusiasm to keep going after many failed attempts. My hope is that in this season of change I would learn loads from the many times I know I will fall. My hope is that I will encourage you that it doesn't matter how many times you fall but how many times you decide tis' okay to fall on your bum and keep getting back up. To failing lots this next coming season! And to a success story that is beyond labels. I love you, darling! 

Much respect // Libier