Take Your Time To Heal

You know I love you're here right now? Yes I do. I am so grateful to and honored for your time and attention. I hope this will fill you up and that you will leave my blog refreshed, renewed and ready to attack today! 

I have been doing a lot of work recently in my mental health and allowing God to heal me from past trauma. When I am in the thick of a "session" or valley it feels awful. I am finally doing what I was afraid of all along. which is to look at my problems and repressed memories in the face and FEEL the pain soberly. I have been doing this healing work very intentionally for the past four years and no matter how severe the emotional pain is, God has never let me go. I have learned that I can trust him and myself to come out the other side, better than I came into it! I can fall apart, I have space to feel the pain and God doesn't get scared of me, bored of the "same" issue, annoyed or disgusted by the infected wounds in my heart. He, like a great physician and father, gives me space and tools to heal and comforts me. I have loved interjecting scripture into my healing. I believe with all certainty that putting the word of God up against all my toxic thoughts and beliefs has produced miraculous change within me. I believe it's been the very thing that has set me free to be myself more and more each day.  Each time I've gone back into the "valley" the word of God has sustained me given me hope and delivered me from thinking in a way that isn't in line with the TRUTH. I know that God is faithful now because of how many times I didn't believe him and he would show up in ways that were short of intoxicating and beautiful intimate packages wrapped for me to discover his love for me. 

My prayer is that you wouldn't know that your valleys might not look like mine but there is a God who loves you so very much and he wants you to feel his love, comfort and to have the blessings from a difficulty. The blessings of God and what he can do with your brokenness far outweigh the pain! Whatever you're goign through right  now. Don't stay discouraged, darling. Keep pressing into God's word and see your own love story unfold. I hope that you know there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God. 


Love // Libier