3 Tips For A Clean & Tidy Home

 Photo by  tu tu  on  Unsplash

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Cleaning Habits & Soul Talk 

Have you ever been so frustrated at the chores of life? Have you ever wondered if you can figure out how to clean really well once and somehow miraculously have it remain like that for the entirety of your life? Have you ever cleaned so well and then ten seconds later one of your kids came in to spill their juice all over the floor? Yas gurl! or guy! Yas. I am with you! This video is for you!

In this video I share  three tips that have helped my household tremendously and I would love it if they became habits that transformed the way you live! I am all about figuring out ways to make life more efficient! 

I've partnered with the paradigm shift that I somehow will never feel 100% at home in this place. It seems to me that no matter where I go, no matter what I achieve, no matter what I lose or gain, there is always this sense of discomfort or a yearning for something. Have you ever felt that way? I firmly believe it's because this is not our home. Our hearts are longing to be in heaven where we won't have chores! Ha I actually think it would be fun to clean in Eternity! Our souls know that we are meant to be in Heaven. So,  I take every day and I accept the good and the bad. It calls for a sobering and content that I really appreciate! This is something that I implement in my cleaning mentality. I am going to do the chores because I want to, fully understanding that they will need to get done again very soon!

Love // Libier