The Importance Of Affirmations

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Friends. I don't know if you're anything like me, but in my past, I've been known to say some bad things about myself in my thoughts and in my speech. I have battled depression and anxiety so deep, some days were unbearable for me.  With the help of God, I've become healthier than I've could have ever imagined. I realized that a part of what had me in a state of self-harm and depression were the words I was thinking and speaking over my life. Our words are powerful! There is importance in affirmations. Listen, if you have never considered that a thought can have much effect on you, I would respectfully suggest that you journal or explore the thoughts that mostly run through your mind. See if it is anything toxic. Even words of making fun of yourself are toxic for your self-esteem.

I made a commitment to myself a few years ago that I was going to start learning about affirmations. When I started learning about them I realized that my words were having a huge impact in my reality so I decided to commit to not speaking ill of myself in any way. Not to myself, not when I was in a group of women, not anywhere. I asked God to help me "hear" myself even more as I began to discover the power of my own words. It was astounding to hear myself talking in such a degrading and negative way. I found out real quick the transformation of my affirmations!  I started having less anxiety and less depressive thoughts. I started believing that there could be a better future than my past. I started accomplishing more of my goals. I started taking better care of myself. Both physically and mentally. I started treating myself better and because of that, I started treating those around me better too. I learned that you can't give what you don't have. And I learned that the way we speak to ourselves has a huge impact in our lives. 

Here are some practical ways you can start implementing or up, your affirmation game. 

1.  Consider your top emotion, non-judgemental, of it. What do you feel most often? Jot that down and then beside it write down what emotion you'd rather feel. (Example: I did this exercise and my word was "anxious" so I wrote down "peaceful" and "calm" on the other side) 

2.- Write out the thought and affirmation you'll say in a positive manner that will get you to feel the positive emotion you jotted down. (For example: In order to feel peaceful and calm I thought of what I needed to affirm to myself in times of anxiety. I wrote down; "I am calm and peaceful even around the most difficult people and circumstances."

3.- Say your affirmations out loud at the beginning of each day and memorize them so when you start to feel the negative emotion, you'll remind yourself of the new one by meditating on the new thought. Want even more power? Place a scripture that talks about what you're trying to combat in it and you've got some Heavenly dynamite, my friend! God's word is so powerful and I always run to scripture to help me rewire the toxic thoughts I have. 

I hope this is helpful to you as you're on your journey to becoming the best, most authentic version of yourself. Know that even when there is much to learn, even when there is much to grow into, even when there is much to aspire to;  you are loved right this very second for being you. As you are. No strings attached, no striving needed. You are just enough, loved and accepted by God in this very moment. What a joy to have that acceptance even when there is much work to be done. I love you, friends. Have an amazing week. I know you are amazing, so I believe that you will even through the ups and downs. You are going to have victory this week!