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How To Wake Up Early And Change Your Life

How To Wake Up Early And Change Your Life


LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

Good morning and happy Monday beautiful people! How are you?! Here's what I would love to share and deposit to you today. If there is ANYTHING in your life that you are done with. Any old habit that isn't working for you anymore. Any challenge you've carried for a long time and want to make changes to. I believe there is power in our brains beyond what we can fathom. I believe that we are capable of so much more than we believe. And I believe a positive change can start in your morning routine. I have experienced the difference waking up early makes. I have experienced what prayer and reading the bible have done in my life and it's been a miracle after a miracle! No joke. I have witnessed God change my heart and mind in ways I didn't even think were possible! However, it all started out of a want to be different. To not dwell in mediocrity and to see what I was made of, but more importantly to learn about this God I had rejected for so long, I craved to know him for myself. I wanted to leave a legacy of faith for my children and I knew that I had to make changes.  Change can be so overwhelming, especially as we get older. However, we serve a God who is limitless and he can help us and guide us along the way! I challenge you today to make a tinny change in your morning and see how you feel. If what I'm saying to you seems right for your right now, watch my video! I have 4 tips that have really helped me to wake up early. It's changed my life! 

xo, Libier 

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