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My New York Adventure | What I learned + Travel Vlog

My New York Adventure | What I learned + Travel Vlog


FAMILY! About three weeks ago, I was minding my own bees-wax and I got an e-mail from the owner of a magazine asking if I'd call her, that she had an opportunity for me.  When we spoke on the phone she asked if it was possible for her to fly me to New York, to style the legendary, former supermodel, Kim Alexis for the cover of Eloquent magazine with an amazing photographer, Danielle Campbell and an equally amazing Makeup Artist, Olga Postolachi!  Ummmmm, let me think about it for a minute! HA! This is the miraculous power of God, Fam! He is no respecter of people, if he can do this for me, he can do it for you!  I haven't earned any of his blessings, he is just a giving God and blesses those who believe. He is pleased with our faith, even when HE is the author and perfecter of it. I mean think of it. I have NO credentials. No school to say I'm a master stylist. Nothing that would say I qualify for this job, other that the grace of God, which is enough for all of us! If you are wondering whether you are enough for the dreams in your heart, I want to tell you, you alone aren't. "BUT WITH GOD, even what is "impossible to you and I is possible with God!" Luke 18:27 Crazy miracles can happen when we surrender! So there I went on a red eye flight to one of my favorite places in the world to play dress up with three amazing women! 

As I stepped out of my Uber in the middle of Manhattan, I was mesmerized by the magnitude of the City! So much energy and inspiration buzzing there! For split second, I wanted to think I wasn't qualified for the job. That the women I was about to work with were so much better than me and at moments I felt intimidated. This is where the training I've been undergoing for my mind, kicked in. Replacing toxic thoughts with Truth about God and myself. Every time I felt afraid, I would say, "God is who brought me here and He is my qualifier and has given me the tools for this project. There is no room for failure. Whatever I create is what is needed." and my fears would turn into excited energy and the ability to have fun! Did you know that the feeling we get in our bodies is the same for fear as it is for excitement??  The only difference is the thoughts running our mind! Our feelings are a reflexion of what thoughts we are believing. So if we want to change our feelings we need to change our thoughts! What powerful knowledge, fam! I hope you are as excited about this as I am! I have seen miracles within myself by applying truth when I am bogged down by lies! How do you spot the lies you ask? Well, lies discourage but TRUTH sets us free and propels us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. 

Now, a good story isn't good without the challenge, am I right? I am learning to embrace and even get excited about challenges. That's when I grow most, that's when I see the power of God evident in my life. That's when preparation collides with opportunity! Challenges reveal character and help us to feel grateful for "easy" times. There were a few challenges we had to overcome in the four hours we had to shoot the cover! Even through my mistakes of things I forgot or hiccups here and there, we got through it and felt amazing synergy!  We were able to connect very deeply and share our stories. I think that's been my most favorite thing of all on this journey. I've realized that it is less about the "dream". Or what I can get from it materialistically. IT is ALL about the amazing people I get to meet that I wouldn't have ever met if I hadn't decided to go for it.  I feel like each person I meet is a piece of my puzzle. My personal legend gets clearer each time I face my fear and do something that scares me. I meet someone who has some information I needed in order to move to the next level of my faith walk and that's something worth doing, walking the path set before us. 

They say that when you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I mean I see it. I LOVE what I do, I do! I can't believe my eyes sometimes when I wake up and get to delight in the work I call work nowadays. I am immersed every day in the loveliness that is creating artistic value as my job!  However, there have been challenges to overcome. IT hasn't been easy peasy lemon squeezy, it actually has been one of the most difficult things in the world. But do you want to know why I think it's the case? Because I've been blocking myself the whole time. I am learning to get out of my own way and it's becoming so much more clear to me that the more I work on my relationship with God and myself, the less I strive to become what I already am. Get out of the way. Ego, get out of the way. Pride, leave in the name of Jesus. So yes, although doing what we were created to do is easy, the journey to accepting the gift of being yourself, can sometimes be a bit of a war. I do believe though that "greater is HE who is in you, than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)" When you partner up with God for the call on your life, there is no room for failure, ONLY success is possible in the end. Sure "little" learning curves will be thrown at you, sometimes right in the face, BUT you can "fight with a stance of victory" like my friend Priscilla Shirer encouraged me one day! Thank you for your precious time! I pray this encourages your walk! I love you, see you soon!

Love // Libier

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