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21 Day Challenge | Daniel Fast,  Toxic Thought Detox,  Exercise & Self care

21 Day Challenge | Daniel Fast, Toxic Thought Detox, Exercise & Self care

Loves. Good morning how do you do? I hope your weekend was amazing and that this Monday morning you are FIRED up for the Detox Challenge I am offering you the month of May. I thought what an appropriate time to build a challenge course for us to glow from within! You feel me? If you're anything like me you're all about that skin glow life. But glowing and having radiant skin is so much deeper than the products you can put on your face, right?!

If you're anything like me, you're all about wanting to be the healthiest version of you (whether you're near, or far from this) the desire to be your healthiest is within you! If you're anything like me you've come to realize your thoughts can truly bless or mess with you. So I invite us to be challenged to #GlowFromWithIn together. 21 days of intentional change!

I believe in community and the power of a challenge! I'd love it if you'd consider joining me in these 21 days of DETOX!  I do believe it will transform our lives!  We will start May 7TH! 

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achiving your goals.
— Henry David Thoreau

Join me for 21 days in May to detox toxic thoughts and bad habits.

Let me help you get intentional about eating healthy, moving your body and taking the time to care for yourself. I will send e-mails directly to your inbox to encourage you, prompt some questions to meditate give you ideas for recipes and self-care inspiration!  

My prayer is that God would help you find emotional freedom in the areas that might be difficult for you to see yourself clearly! 

You will get to choose what your exercise is and would love it if you encouraged the team with #myglowmove on Instagram so we can see what you're doing and get each other inspired!

We will also inspire one another with recipes with #myglowrecipe 

For 21 days I will be doing the Daniel Fast. Only eating fruits and vegetables with the caveat that I will be adding protein in the form of chicken, fish, and eggs. I will be encouraging you with scripture and prompt questions of healing with God from any food or image strongholds you might be facing. I believe lasting change can only come through God almighty. He is the only healer and restorer of the things that have devastated us. This is not intended to be some quick fix and my intention is not to have you lose weight or have some fad fast for losing weights sake.

My prayer and HOPE is that we'd truly be fed with the word of God and be encouraged to heal and transform from within through the power of God. I would just love to facilitate that conversation. My hope is that after the 21 days you and I would experience a lasting change like never before. 

SING UP HERE and share with a friend you think might enjoy this! 

Love // Libier 

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