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Tips To Decorate A Living Space In Your Home

Tips To Decorate A Living Space In Your Home

The credit for the top left picture is:  Photo by  Joanna Kosinska  on  Unsplash   Thank you to  Samantha Davalos  for creating this gorgeous infographic!

The credit for the top left picture is:

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Thank you to Samantha Davalos for creating this gorgeous infographic!

Before & In Progress.jpg


This is the space I just re-decorated in my home! I love it so far and I wanted to share with you all that I learned through the process that you might gain some insight if you are looking to decorate a living room soon! I am calling it IN PROGRESS because I'm not done yet. I wated to encourage you to love the process of life and to show you that even when things aren't completed "perfectly" cus what even is perfect, it's going to be okay! Urban57 is giftin me our couch and that got a little delayed so I put in our other living room's couch and the gallery wall is still in contstruction.I am learning to love the process and to not get into debt for anything (yes not even decor!) *gasp* So here is my before and in progress post of our new living space! I hope you find inspiration! 


Thank you to Urban 57 for gifting us with our couch! (final post coming soon!) | Thank you to Home Depot For providing our TV wall mounting cable hider! | Thank you to Target for the decor pieces! 

1.- Vision! The first tip to a great styled room is to have a vision board of what you would love the space to look like. Dram big! You can do a physical mood board cut outs  from magazines or printing photos of what styles you love OR you can do a Pinterest board like Sammy and I did! Here are our house boards if you happen to have that minimal vibe like us you can follow our boards for inspiration! 

2.- Make a floor plan with dimensions of the room! This is sooooo incredibly important! If you skip this step is like building a house on sand! This step is to get you clear on the dimensions of your space so that you can be prepared for all the fun shopping you get to do! Do this out of order and you'll end up frustrated having bought something that won't fit your space! Don't skip this and I assure you it will be so much more enjoyable to buy items that will fit your space! 

3.-  Make a detailed list of what you need to buy

4.- Pick a color scheme! A tip to having a classy styled look is by starting off with neutrals in your big items like your couch, big furniture. Then add more of the "fun" or pop of color by adding it in in small doses in the accent pillows or the throw. Even the curtains can be a place of color! By keeping your "big" items neutral you can allow for easy swaps of style if you change your color mood down the road! 

5.-  Spend the majority of the budget on what you sit on. You will be using your couch and your seats more than anything so make sure you're spending the money where it matters most! Do some web surfing for best prices before you shop! This will save some money and time! 

6.- The decor and other styling elements can be Thifted! You'd be surprised at what a paint can do! 

7.- If you're mounting your TV you can use this to hide the cables in the back and it will look so nice and clean! 

8.- Buy frames at second-hand stores you can find great deals and you always spray paint them all the colors you need! 

9.- Add plants to warm up your space! Or you can always do a faux plant and not bother to water! 

10.- Bring in character and charm with texture by adding in throw pillows, a basket, some candles and a cute tray for the coffee table! These little touches do make a big impact to making it feel cozy and homey! 




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