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6 Simple Steps To Great Daily Habits (Success Is Possible)

6 Simple Steps To Great Daily Habits (Success Is Possible)

Photography by:  Maarten Deckers

Photography by: Maarten Deckers

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a goal and you shied away from it because it felt so big or audacious? The thought of how much work it would require would put you to sleep right then and there? I can totally relate. I had some pretty big goals when I opened up my business and I couldn't imagine realistically how I (with all my limitations and current circumstances) would be able to have success in my goals and dreams.

In my story, all the success belongs to God in heaven. It's through him that I can face disappointment. It is through him that I can deal with not getting the immediate results that I "want". It is through him that my eyes get fixed more on what he has promised me and I let the reality of what is, fall away.

However, I have also learned some practical ways to ensuring I am doing everything I can on my behalf to creating the life I want to live and to my surprise it has been more simple than I thought. Isn't it always? The trick is to actually do it! I have learned that my daily habits have a huge, enormous impact on the state of my life. At the beginning of my blogging career, I didn't have much self-discipline so that's where I started. I began writing out the habits that were going to help me develop more self-discipline. And little by little making the choice to do them daily, I began growing in discipline and confidence. 

Here are some practical ways you can use your daily habits to make success in whatever area of your life possible. 

1.- Write out three habits that are preventing you from your goal. 

2.- Write out three good habits that will cancel the previous ones out. 

3.- Write out your POWER why. This is a crucial and important step. It will be the glue that holds you in the days when the excitement of "starting new" has worn off. You have to write to yourself a compelling, "why" so that when those sheets are super warm and cozy and you want to linger in bed, you'll remember the powerful reason you set out to wake up an hour before each morning. Or why you're making a choice to delete that social media energy zapping tool. Or why you're choosing to nourish your beautiful body with amazing food that fuels you rather than slow you down. It has to be compelling so that on those days, you can remind yourself of the reason these new habits are important to you. 

4.- When you make a mistake, do not throw in the towel. Don't quit. Your brain will want to say. "Oh, Judy, why would you ever imagine that you could do better? Just go back to the old you, you were fine and comfortable"  (Picturing you with a superhero cape) "NO!" You'll reply. "I might have made a mistake today, but I will be back on track, right away!" Listen, you listen to yourself more than anyone else. It's time to use that amazing power of words towards yourself. Talk in an encouraging manner rather than beating yourself up and you'll start seeing improvements in all areas of your life. The words you think about yourself and the words you speak about yourself are very important! Use them to your advantage! 

5.- Come from a place of love rather than punishment and you'll see yourself being kinder and having more grace towards yourself. You will have setbacks. That's okay. You're a person. Try again, amiga! Or amigo! 

6.- Celebrate when you had a great day! Celebrate!!! Little habits compounded, make a huge difference and that is cause for celebration! 

I love you, friends. I truly hope that you set out to zap those habits that aren't serving your life and making a powerful choice to swap them with new ones that will catapult you to live the life you've imagined! I believe in you and your Heavenly Father does too! 

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