A journey to freedom to be exactly the person you were meant to be! Have you ever found yourself in anxiety and bound to fear? Or struggled with low self-esteem and self-doubt? Have you endured any abuse or addiction and felt confused as to how to heal and move forward? Do you have a dream in your heart that has you confused and frustrated? Libier has felt all those things and more. Through The Wilderness is a memoir of her faith journey and decision to dream again while healing from the pain of the abuse in her past. She lets you deeply into her pain so you can see yourself in any part of her story so you can feel “normal” to be human. Her hope is that you believe your pain matters, your dreams matter, you matter! From self-hatred and bitterness to self-love and acceptance; the insight she offers will sure inspire you into living your best life. A tale of love, hope, and restoration that will undoubtedly offer to you that you are beloved and can live your best life no matter who you are or where you’ve been. May the rawness and realness of this story help you sort out yours! She holds nothing back so that you may learn from her journey to faith and freedom.