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Taking Care Of Dull Congested Pores (Skincare & Camping Vlog )

Taking Care Of Dull Congested Pores (Skincare & Camping Vlog )

 Thank you to  Philosophy  for gifting me this product to try! 

Thank you to Philosophy for gifting me this product to try! 


There's something about going camping that my heart really loves. I also love the idea of not wearing any makeup and just being out in the wild. However, a girl has to take care of the skin God put her in, so I am sharing a bit of what I did on my recent camping trip as far as skin care goes. I loved, loved, loved this detoxifying oxygen peel mask from philosophy! It was fast and definitely did what it claimed to do. It made my dull skin from being sick, look luminescent and bright after just one application! I felt like I just ripped all of the dullness out of my face! lol It was strange to use the little stick that comes with it, but it's just because I've never done anything like it before. if you're looking for something in that price range it is worth it! I used it three days in a row and my skin was even better. I do have a bit left for about three more applications, that might not be super accurate but that's what I would eyeball it as! 

I love you so much and I hope you're having a fantastic day! Please keep in mind I have been gifted the items I share in this video and I am continuing to receive packages from different brands that I will be sharing more on the blog and on video. I believe I am to praise the Lord for the blessings he's pouring out to me, especially in the provision for my passion, which is sharing the beauty and fashion products with you on this blog (before I would just buy all the things, and now I'm able to receive some from the brands, what a blessing!!)!

Please never feel any pressure to go out and buy everything that is sent to me. One of my main goals in building this community is to inspire you to take care of yourself. Whether you take care of your skin with a product from your pantry, the drug store or a luxury item is completely up to you. I know you'll make the wisest decisions about your budget and what works best for you! I pray that my blog and videos would only encourage you to be the very best you can be! I love you! I will always be honest with you as far as what I'm getting for free as a gift to test out as a blogger. And you will always have my honest opinion. It's been a little difficult receiving all these amazing gifts God has been showering me with and struggling with feelings of guilt. If your anything like me receiving, might come difficult for you, but I am pushing past it for I know it's a gift of God and I am better of showering him with praises for who he is! Thank you for following me through this journey of figuring out who I am. I know I will make lots of mistakes along the way, but my heart is always grounded in the reason why I started blogging in the first place, to know more about myself and to encourage anyone who needed a little hope! I hope you understand how much you mean to me and please pray for me as I am going through growing pains with the blog.  I miss social media and the instant feeling of connection. I am figuring out the business side of blogging and it's been quite the uphill climb. Nonetheless, I feel absolutely grateful that three years ago I decided to follow my dreams again. Yesterday three years ago actually marked a very important day in my life where I realized that I was made for more. I have never been more excited to share that knowledge because you my dear were made for more, too. I don't know what that is for you but I know God will help you every step of the way! I know what it means to me now. A delicate whisper of, "Your enough as you are, yet you can achieve great things through God, for his glory!" 

Have a great weekend! I love you! 


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