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Affordable At Home,Teeth Whitening

Affordable At Home,Teeth Whitening

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant. I received a complimentary teeth whitening kit in exchange for an honest review. Here's my insight of their product. 

And guess what?!  You can enter to win your OWN teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant in a special GIVEAWAY! Scroll down to the end or click here for details on how to enter.

There is something in life I am all about. That is a smile on someone's face.  When I lived in New York a lot of the time I would smile at people and they wouldn't smile back, it made my heart hurt! I believe that my friend, Brittni and I even made a game out of it. The object was to see how many people smiled or didn't as we walked those busy streets. When we would get one, it was a cause for celebration! Now as an adult, I realize sometimes it's hard to smile. I can remember back in the day when my smile was not always honest though.  Only in my recent adult life have I really toned down my "fake" smile when I not feeling well. I am able to be honest with myself and others about how I'm feeling.  

However, now-a-days, if you catch me showing you my teeth- and not in a "Hey, do I have salad in my teeth?" kinda of a way, I MEAN It. That smile is coming from the bottom, top left, and right of my heart. I believe a smile can bring joy to others. It's a nice little something or other for someone to delight in, if they are having a glum day.

I recently partnered with Smile Brilliant to test out their teeth whitening system. 

I was soooooo excited when they reached out to me because I have LOVED whitening my grill ever since High School. As you can see, my teeth were already white. I did have a moment of concern feeling like I would look like Ross from Friends after whitening, ha if you know what I'm talking about, give me an internet high-five! If you don't, it's okay, you can google it if you'd like.  

have always used Crest White strips and I will say, they have done a fabulous job. I thought it would be tough to sell me on the whole kit as I've been a fan of the strips

Smile Brilliant is a process that takes a little more effort than those easy to pop on strips, BUT the payoff is AMAZING!! I am a true fan of Smile Brilliant and I'll tell you why! With the white strips, I could only see the whitening happen on the front of the teeth. With the custom trays, your ENTIRE set of teeth get the gel and it just looks so different and so beautiful. I did express concern to them because I have very sensitive teeth and I was so pleasantly surprised that the desensitizing gel really aids with eliminating the discomfort.  I took it really slooooooow! They suggest you whiten for 45 minutes to 3 hours. I did 45 minutes each time and only experienced a tinny bit of gum discomfort at the beginning of my treatment. 

Brilliantly white teeth that I can for sure #smilefearlessly with! ! I love smiling and feeling confident that when I truly want to smile, someone can delight in my pearly whites.... ORRRRR maybe be a little blinded... one or the other. No seriously, if you're looking for something to help your teeth get an upgrade and can afford to test this out, I completely recommend it to any one!!! Having a smile you're excited about will bless you and everyone you flash your pretty whites at


ere's a video that has an excellent step-by-step testimony by lifestyle YouTube Danielle Mansutti. She's adorable, gorgeous and her video is very informational. 


DISCLOSURE: If you're thinking about purchasing a whitening kit, know that I will be given commission for your purchase. As always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I love you and this blog could not go on without you.  Whatever you decide, I appreciate YOU! It's important to me being honest with you. Thank you for supporting me by your readership! 

You can enter to win your OWN teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant in a special GIVEAWAY by clicking here!  Open to residents of U.S. , Canada, UK, and Australia. 

If you are interested in purchasing, you can enjoy  5% off with code: libierreynolds5

Thank you so much for being here today! I hope you have a beautiful day, as always I hope you know how loved you are! 

xo, Libier

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