Take Makeup From Day To Night


Hello love! 

Have you ever wondered if you can take 3 minutes and transform your daytime makeup into nighttime appropriate? Yes, you can! Here are some tips that will do that. I hope you have a great time playing around with your makeup! It's a good day to be a woman!

1.- Place translucent powder under your eyes to prevent fallout from your darker eyeshadow. And brush off after to brighten up your under eye area! 

2.- Smoke a black or navy blue liner on the waterline to intensify the look. Add a rich colored eyeshadow, don't forget to blend, blend, blend. 

3.- Bolden up your cheek color! 

4.- Pick a vibrant, lippie to match your outfit/ mood. Here are my favorite reds if you're looking for that shade! 

Happy New Year and thank you for visiting us today! 

xo, Libier