4 Great Spring 2017 Lipsticks

What color lips should I wear today?! Gurl, I gotcha covered! Here are my ultimate four picks for this season! Some affordable some you gotta save a little but they sure will get you in a Springy mood! Isn't it wonderful what color can do?

My confidence comes from the Lord, but lipstick sure makes me glad I’m a woman!
— Libier Reynolds

This Maybelline Matte in Twisted Tulip ,is amazing! The formula is so velvety and it stays on quite well! You won't be disappointed! Also, the price point is absolutely great! 

This YSL in Corail A Porter, is a little luxury!  It has an amazing color, the scent is gorgeous, I literally want to eat the tube, but I don't because that would be way gross, right?! Right?! So I just enjoy the smell, maybe push my lips up to my nostrils a little. Okay, enough! I love it! It's a very nice consistency, feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick! 

This Butter London, orange lipstick makes me crave a Crush soda on a gorgeous day! This one I picked because of the beautiful color. Orange is one of those colors that I don't see much of but anytime I do I'm like, Yasssssss gurl! I love it! So I am going to rock me some orange lips this Spring and Summer! 

This is the HD Gel Lip color in Blossom a gel lip color I haven't tried personally. But I love Revlon products and the color reminds me of a Spring flower bouquet. I believe this would look great with a fresh face of make up for a Baby shower, Bridal Party anything! 


I hope you enjoyed my four Spring picks! I love you. Remember the lipstick that graces your lips should be honored to be enhancing the beauty you already have! Enjoy your week! 

Love // Libier