Spring 2017 Make Up Trends | Fashion Week Inspired


Loves! Happy Wednesday! Are you liking the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule like I am?! I am not liking it, I am LOVING it.

Here are my favorite makeup trends I saw going down the runway!

FAVORITE TREND- BLACK LINER! Granted I am partial to the liner because I started doing it in 7th grade and never stopped. What is your go-to beauty trick? I would love to know! 

BOLD LIPS!  I love me a bold red lip in glossy, matte or any way you serve it up! Listen, darling if you think you can't pull off a bold lip, think again. You give the lipstick its boldness, not the other way around! So pick a shade and do it up! If you have a glossy finish turn it into Matte by placing a tissue over the lips and dabbing it with translucent powder. 

GLOWING SKIN! Let's do a double portion of the highlighter, doll! Also, remember to eat your fruits and vegetables so that you can glow from within! Drink lots of water so your skin will be internally moisturized! Then, prep your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing it and allowing the brilliance of your inner-self, shine through! 

POP OF COLOR!  I saw some amazing eyeshadows in lovely, vibrant colors going down the runway and I am super excited to try them out! Be on the lookout on my Instagram for some pictures of my take on this trend! 

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With lots of love,