Beauty Edit | Brands I Want To Try

VIDEO: Instastories makeup routine! 

FRIENDS! One of you wanted me to post the Instastory you missed with a shimmery shadow I tried out the other day! Here it is because I care about your needs! Excuse the quality, I pray you get some value from it, regardless! I hope you're having a great mid-week! 

Spring is in full fling and I am feeling the delight of, less is more, on my face.  I was stuck in a makeup rut. One because I didn't want to buy things I didn't actually "need" but also just because I've been doing my makeup the same way for a very long time.I just got inspired to step out of my box and adventure into new brands and ways of making up my face! Stay tuned for new and improved makeup tutorials!

 As I've been on the hunt for some new products to try, I stumbled upon, Smith and Cult! They are launching their first Spring line for makeup (as they started with nail polish)! If you are anything like me, you're a sucker for great packaging. I am in love with Smith & Cult's look and feel and although I have not tried their products out (YET!) I am super excited and happy for their launch! They originally were the creators of Hard Candy, anyone mature enough to remember the craze of that in the 90's?! I do! Well, I believe that Smith and Cult is Hard Candy's all grown up, very refined, classic, cousin and they are going to do incredibly well!

 Do you have any products you've been eyeing to try? I'd love to know! Finding amazing brands is one of my very favorite thing of all time! I hope you have a delightful rest of your week, see you again on Friday! 


Love // Libier