What's In My Current Makeup Bag

If you're anything like me you love digging into people's purses and taking everything out so you can see what's in them! Ha! Well, secretly I wish I could do that, don't hide your purse, I don't REALLY do it! I just think about it. I love "What's In My Bag" videos on Youtube so much, I DO, I DO! Because I know I am not the only one, here's a glimpse into what's in my current makeup bag right this very second. Yourewelcome.

Here are all the bits and bobs that make my world go round, in a superficial kind of way! Jesus makes my world go round in ALL the important ways! He satisfies my longing to be loved and known and because I feel so loved, I can put products on my face with certainty that they don't add value to me. They are (praise God) wonderful doodads that I can play and delight in! So different from a few years back when I felt the NEED to have makeup on my face to feel beautiful. I've learned to love the skin I'm in whether its bare or full of amazing products! 

Back to makeup! ha! Spiritual tangents, I tell ya! Any who! I am so delighted in trying out new products and recently I've been receiving lots of fun trial size things and I've personally been branching out to new brands to test out! I had been on a major makeup rut! But we are out. We.Are.Out! On my adventuring for new delights, these are the products that have been on repeat! Most of these products are not all "necessary" I would never want you to go and buy what you don't need or get into trouble financially for the sake of having a product. I would

lovingly and respectfully suggest that before you buy anything I offerthat you truly ask yourself if it is something you truly need and want for you, not because I'm saying it's great. However, if you are looking for something and this helps your search, I am so honored to suggest these for you! Remember YOU make the products luxurious NOT the other way around. These are just bells and whistles for an already beautiful canvas that is your lovely face! Awwwww! Kiss, kiss! 

Now the better question is, what's in YOUR makeup bag! Do leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite product in your bag is! I'd love to know!