5 Minute Spring Makeup & DIY Manicure and Hydrating Facial


Beloved friends!  I know I said all that about doing videos on a Friday and all, however, I am making a change because it isn't working for the content of the blog. I would love to publish a video per week on the day pertaining to the video. Mon: Inspiration Wed: Beauty and Friday: Style. Please excuse the trial and error. As I try to make this blog and Youtube channel as best as it can be for you and me.

With that being said. Please enjoy my take on a Spring Spa day at home with things you have in your pantry and refrigerator! I hope you delight in these DIY remedies for your skin! I loved all of the menjurjes (a word in Spanish I say for concoctions) I put on my hands and face! Have a beautiful day! If you want to see my manicure post go here, and if you need some Spring lipstick shade options go here! I love you! Know you are amazing! Know you don't have to have the products I have to make your own look either. I encourage you to get creative and scrappy! Use what you have my darling! 


Love // Libier