Step By Step Bridal Makeup For My Modeling Gig | Instastory Style

 Photo by: Ashley Noelle Edwards

Photo by: Ashley Noelle Edwards

Wedding season is upon us! The other day when I was minding my own beeswax I saw a photographer I admire post a model call for a test shoot. I ran to my computer to submit myself to it because 1. who doesn't want to be a bride or relive that feeling again? (I guess NOT everyone does. But I did, I DID!) and 2. I adored Ashley's Instagram and the fact that she shoots with film! Yeah. WHat's that you say?! I didn't even know they still made film or that people were still shooting photographs with it. But her IG profile is gorgeous, so I was honored and delighted she said yes to me! I knew I needed to create a beautiful and timeless makeup look that would accentuate the gorgeous Vintage gown she rented from Gossamer. Sooooo I decided to film an Instastory of me doing my makeup giving you some tips in case you'll be a bride soon, or you're attending a fancy schmancy event soon! Here are the photos we took on my iPhone. We will get the film back soon and I'll share with you the actual finish product photos when I have them! 

If you'd like to see a list of most of the makeup I used, see here


Have a glorious day! Please remember as you go through today that you are beautiful and lovely just as you are. The products and clothing you wear are only to embellish the beauty you already have. I love you! 

With gusto // Libier