How To Be Beautiful


Friend, if you clicked on here you might question if there is beauty in you to give this world. Maybe you clicked here to figure out how to best get yourself ready. Maybe you clicked here to see what I would say on how to be beautiful because you might not feel that you are and that you need to implement a strategy to get the best product, or the best fashion or the best wisdom as to finally feeling beautiful. I want to tell you, in case you've never heard it before. I want to tell you in case for some reason, you don't believe it. You are beautiful and the best tip to feeling beautiful is understanding that there is nothing you can do. You just are. You are looking for a key that is already inside of you, but are you willing to unlock the door? 

You are beautiful because God created you in his image. Read (Genesis 1:27)!  And although you might argue with me that you are not indeed beautiful...... let me suggest something to you. You'll feel beautiful by the words that you choose to say about yourself in thought or speech. Pay attention to the words you say, they are a great compass to discovering what you believe about yourself. If you're saying anything unkind, I'd love to suggest a shift in your paradigm and a fight for freedom of your beauty! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman embracing all that she is. There is comfort in a woman who knows her worth! Saying wonderful things isn't egotistical, on the contrary, you did not create you. God did so you would reflect a beautiful element of himself! So no matter what you look like and what the world's perspective of beauty is, you are beautiful, no question about it!   There is beauty in every one of us!  No one is better or worse than the other, we are just different. We are all needed and can very much celebrate the uniqueness in which our Heavenly Father choose to make us.

I have a delightful quest for you this month. Will you join me?

First Challenge: Every day this month give someone a compliment starting with yourself!  This will lift you out of comparison and envy! The only reason we are envious of others is that we feel like their beauty or talent takes away from our own. That is such a lie! God is a God of abundance and there is plenty to go around! (Read: 2 Corinthians 9:8) We can delight in our fellow humans instead of feeling competition!  

Second Challenge: Every day this month write one thing you love or like about yourself, again, you did not make you, so writing something good about yourself to yourself is saying that you dig what Big Papa made when he knit you together in your mother's womb! (Read: Psalm 139:13)

I love you. I hope you love you too! 

I am taking a "sabbatical" to rest and recharge. I will be back to blogging on August 11th, 2017 God willing!  

Also, I am working on publishing my book!! I am so excited and things are just coming along so wonderfully!! I am so excited to share my heart with you all! 

Love // Libier