7 Holy Grail Makeup Products | Premier & It's Affordable Match



Hello loves! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I thought I'd share with you my favorite premier makeup and it's affordable match! This is according to my personal opinion and my love for these products! I have 7 holy grail makeup items to share with you some in the affordable spectrum or luxury but I tried to find their match, nonetheless! They may vary some but I find that these are very similar to each other and do the trick for me if I needed to go the affordable route with my makeup routine! I hope you enjoy! As always, I hope you know how beautiful you are!

If you have any products you'd like to share with me, I'd love a comment below! 


Cream Highlighter: Premier / Affordable 

Primer: Premier / Affordable 

Weightless Foundation: Premier/ Affordable  

Highlighting Powder: Premier/ Affordable 

Shimmery Shadow: Premier / Affordable

Setting Powder : Premier/ Affordable