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Affordable At-Home Teeth Whitening & Wisdom From 10 Years Of Marriage

Affordable At-Home Teeth Whitening & Wisdom From 10 Years Of Marriage

FULL DISCLOSURE: c/o This is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant. I received a complimentary teeth whitening kit for my husband in exchange for an honest review. They are also giving my readers  $15 off any tray set with code: libierreynolds15 : Thank you Smile Brilliant!!! 

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years!! Next month marks the big TEN for us. Something I have learned being married to this man is this: You ALWAYS look at the potential in someone and not just at their "right now". You choose to love your partner as they are but fiercely remind and believe in the potential of who they can become! They aren't meant to meet the needs only you can meet for yourself or the place that only God can fulfill. They are your partner in life to become more of who you were meant to be! Like a polishing tool, God uses your partner to brighten your soul, if you will allow it to happen even when it's hard, and believe me, I know it's sometimes sooooo hard (no wonder many people give up), you'll discover a friendship and love so deep you never want to go back to the old people you were! Thank you Doug for believing in me! I will always believe in you


Doug recently whitened his teeth with Smile Brilliant! They are a tooth whitening company that I LOVE! They've developed a way to whiten teeth brilliantly and provide an in-home service that creates custom trays for your specific mouth for the whitening and desensitizing gel to go on! It's been an amazing opportunity to get to test their product for my self-last year! But also now they sent us a complimentary set for my husband to try! 


We loved the ease of receiving all the instructions and supplies to make his trays in the comfort of our home! He did have a hard time making the impressions because you have to put this gel in your mouth and it's a little uncomfortable for a minute! Just being completely transparent! But we both believe it's well worth it!! 


Then we shipped the impressions off with the label paid by Smile Brilliant and waited a little white to get his trays and started the process of whitening his teeth!! 


This is the before and after of his results and he is still continuing to whiten now! They look AMAZING!! The gels really work and any sensitivity caused by the whitening gel is relieved by the desensitizing gel you put on after the treatment!  


We are both so pleased with the results that we are full Smile  Brilliant fans!! Doug would always say to me, "Libier, your teeth are so white!!" And now I can say the same to him


My husband has always been handsome to me and his smile has always melted my heart, but now it looks soooooooooo gorgeously white and bright and I just want to kiss him! Thanks Smile Brilliant for seeing the potential in us to have a confident and even more beautiful smile! 


To be honest with you before I married Doug I thought I would for sure the able to change him into what I wanted him to be for ME. Little did I know that I had no power of the sort to transform a life (especially for my own selfish gain)! As our marriage grew in time and in intimacy and in two children our lives began to change and evolve. Many of our struggles in our marriage have been a beautiful opportunity for self-reflection and getting better at communicating with each other. The struggles have brightened our souls and allowed for a deeper choice for loving each-other daily and learning who we are as individuals and a couple! Just as our hearts and minds have great potential to be refined and get smarter, wiser and become the fullest expression of who we are so doing our body also have the potential to be well cared for. I believe a smile is one of the greatest gifts we can give. When Doug smiles at me, my knees buckle a little. I've always loved his smile! I never once thought,  "OOhhh, Doug's teeth are yellow and gross" I knew there was potential for his smile to get even brighter with Smile Brilliant because I had seen the results with mine last year!

I feel like our relationships have been similar. We never had a "bad" relationship but I know we always can become brighter and better for ourselves and for each other. I have always looked at the best in my husband (even in the times he disappointed me) and he's looking at the best in me (even in the times I've disappointed him). I believe being a relationship you must challenge one-another to become better while at the same time choosing to love, respecting and giving the space for the other person to be themselves in that moment in time! 

Thank you so much for your readership! I love you so much! 



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