Best Makeup Trend And Zoya Nails NYFW 2018

 Photos provided by Zoya PR 

Photos provided by Zoya PR 

Zoya_nail_polish_5N7B0272_Veronica Beard.jpg

Veronica's Metallica Nail Combo

New York Fashion Week 2018 was full of bright eyes and amazing nail color combinations! At least in the backstage show, I went to! I absolutely loved the bold, cobalt blue, eyeliner! You can always mix a shadow with a setting spray or eye drops and use it as a liner! 

And did you know that you can stack your nail polish to create your own color? I didn't! I had the pleasure of going backstage the Veronica Beard show and meeting the head manicurist for Zoya, Naomi! She was as kind as she is talented and she gave me the insight as to how she created this amazing nail look for the show! She said in 2018, it's all about those metallics! The colors she used here are I am so excited because I am all about that life! Make sure you watch the vlog so you can see a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Veronica Beard Fashion Show! Thank you so much to Zoya nails for having me back stage with you! 

Don't forget this was a three-part Vlog series on my YouTube Channel if you'd like to watch the series! Click below! 

A special thanks to Trtl for sending me a complimentary travel pillow!!! This was a huge help to my beauty sleep on both my plane rides!