Welcome to my blog, darling! I document my adventures in faith and everything that I love! From beauty, style, travel, food, relationships, to interior decor! There's so much to see,  I hope you leave here inspired and knowing your enough just as you are! xo, Libier  

Fall Inspired Step-By-Step Makeup Look 2017

Fall Inspired Step-By-Step Makeup Look 2017

 Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

Urban Decay Heat Palette | Autumn Colors

If you've had trouble knowing how to create an Autumn eyeshadow look, here's a Fall inspired step-by-step eye makeup tutorial. Fall eyeshadow looks are so fun to make! I tried my best to take you on a simple journey to learning the technique of how I do my eye makeup. I truly hope you find this helpful.  I made it with love and care. I would love to know any more ideas of what you'd like to see a video tutorial or on the blog. Don't hesitate to let me know. I would love to serve you as best as I can! Thank you to Urban Decay for sending me the goodies that I used on this video tutorial I appreciate you so much! 

On a more serious note, will you please pray for me and my family. My dad just got diagnosed with bone cancer. As I type those words out the weight and severity of it all is hitting me hard. I don't know how to even respond at this time but I do know the power of prayer. I would be honored if you partnered in prayer with me. I am also trying to decide some big stuff for my book being published and I would love prayer on that as well. I am seeing the miracles of God unfold like never before, yet life still remains to be a duality between amazingness and so much difficulty.

Please know that I love you and I cherish you! I am praying for you as well. know that my heart is always to serve you and I know the best thing I could ever do for anyone is to pray. So even though I might not know your name, know that you are in my prayers and writing to you helps me get out of bed each morning. To be able to speak into your life and to inspire you to believe you're enough right this very second and simultaneously encourage you to be best you can be (whatever that looks like), is one of my life's purposes!  

 I learn so much and I, in turn, become the inspired one! Some days "winning" for me means spending time in God's word. Getting everything checked off on my to-do list. My husband loved on. My children well cared for. Our house looking like a magazine. Healthy meal planning and my exercise done. Doing my makeup like my tutorial and picking a super cute outfit. Shaving all of my legs with out leaving tufts of hair! Yeah, I know. That's a good day, right?Other days  "winning" means. Get out of bed. Brush my teeth, kind of. Don't drool on people and keep my mouth as much in control as possible, as to not say anything I can't unsay! Oh and put a bra on. Sports ones count! The kids and my husband can fend for themselves, I am having a "winning" day. 

My Current Favorites (Libier's Picks)

My Current Favorites (Libier's Picks)

4 Autumn-Inspired DIY Beauty Face Masks | 2017

4 Autumn-Inspired DIY Beauty Face Masks | 2017