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Winter Outfit (Snow Day Edition)

Winter Outfit (Snow Day Edition)

photography by:  Doug Reynolds

photography by: Doug Reynolds

Happy Monday, loves! WINTER IS COLD. So you should be prepared with adorableness and a super chic outfit! 

Break out the flannel and thermals! You can wear what ever you want under your snow gear and the top layer can be a nice color flannel to give you a stylish look, yet, keep you WARM! You can throw in some flair and highlight your personality by matching your accessories to some element of your outfit, be it your pants or your boots. I did a red hat and red rain boots because red is one of my faves. But pick what color makes you smile! Being in the cold doesn't mean forfeiting your style!

I loved these bib pants. I felt like I was a HUGE  toddler in them, they kept me super warm!   I felt cute with the neutral color of the black.  They are the kind that clip on like overalls. However, going to the potty in these porta-potty's proved interesting, I will admit.  I do NOT recommend wearing your rain boots.  My friends' frozen powers had my toes like, what! Frozen! So if you can afford to get good snow boots, sister, do it! If you have to bring your rain boots, I suggest buying VERY thick socks! 

I did, however, LOVE, my jacket from JCrew. It was super warm. I sled down a hill a lot of times and fell in the snow and it never got wet or uncomfortable. I love how light it is yet, super warm. 

Black & White Flannel Shirt: similar (HERE)
Black Bib Pants: similar  (HERE)  
Short Black Puffer Jacketsimilar STEAL (HERE)  & SPLURGE (HERE)  A LONGER STYLE (HERE)
Red Beanie: (HERE)
Red Rain Boots: (HERE)
**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

Being a woman is tough. Here are a few observations I've had this week about the subject. Either we are regarded as too sexy or a prude, too bossy or too submissive or weak. Too this or too that.  It seems to be impossible to just be free to be us, individuals. 

I am exhausted from seeing my gender mistreated and exploited. Here are some of my thoughts as to what would help us women find freedom (as much as is earthy possible). And it has nothing with shaming men for being men, it's not the gender that hurts, it's sin and our depravity that makes us ALL hurt one another.

I love men. Men need us. We need men. 

I believe that for any woman to be free, she first has to love, respect and believe in herself. I knew that before I even applied it in my life, however, there was a lot of wounds in my heart that prevented me from truly taking those actions, I tried to implement them, but I failed in my own strength. In my opinion, you can't fully do those three things before you KNOW how much God loves you.

I ran my entire life from myself. I felt ashamed of who I was and displayed no self-worth or value because I did not know the love of Christ and how to access the freedom that comes from abiding in His love. I really tried to do the best, and I think I might have fooled some, but certainly not God or myself. I somehow always landed in an abusive relationship and allowed people to mistreat me, or I mistreated myself. When I found out how LOVED I am by Christ and what He did so that I would live my life abundantly, I started to believe that I could love, respect and believe in myself, because I was no longer alone. The truth is I never really was, but I wasn't aware of the treasure God was for me. I didn't think I deserved Him.  Granted, while I might not have deserved what God did for me, he tells me that I am a new creation in Him. The new me deserves to be the daughter of a King and behave like one because I believe in HIM and what he did for me. It was as if a power was switched on. My love for my body and respect for my SELF-hasn't come fast or easy, however, it has CHANGED everything about me. Major wounds have been healed and I find myself with a purpose in this life. With something called HOPE for the future. I can see how ALL the parts of me, my strengths AND my weaknesses are going to serve me in living out my journey. I was made in God's image and I was born to have an extraordinary life connected to Him and walking in faith. It was as if I was a princess all my life, yet I treated myself as a servant.  I have a  treasure that is tucked away inside my heart, nothing can change it or take it away. Hence me being ABLE in God's strength to LOVE, RESPECT AND BELIEVE in myself. I don't have to fall prey to being abused anymore because I have a voice. Albeit, when I do get hurt by someone, now I have the hope that God can take that pain and use it to give me double in joy what I have endured in pain. I have the hope that no tear, no difficulty is in vain or wasted.  I trust God with my life and that takes so much of the pressure OFF of me. It has very little to do with me and a whole lot to do with His majestic power.  I find freedom in Him and I am free to be the woman He made me, not the woman the world tells me I "should" be. As Christine Cain said on her Instagram, "I work  from [God's] approval not  for approval."  If God so gives me life, I will be able to age gracefully knowing that I am so much more than just an outer shell. Knowing my value does not come from how long I can prevent my wrinkles. But from the everlasting God ALMIGHTY who gives me life, peace and freedom to be just who He made me, Libier thru and thru. 

Cozy Winter Outfit | Blanket Scarf & Ripped Jeans

Cozy Winter Outfit | Blanket Scarf & Ripped Jeans

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