Black Friday Fashion Shopping Tips | 2017 Edition

Black Friday is around the corner and I would love nothing more than for you to get the most out of the deals and sales out there. Whether you need a few items in your wardrobe or you plainly want to shop. Or if you use this sale mania to do your Christmas shopping, I'm with you and will give you my very best tips to have you shopping like a pro! 

1.- Take inventory of what you already have and find those holes in your wardrobe. What items do you truly need? The worst thing is to spend money on unnecessary items and if you go on a Black Friday Shopping adventure without a plan you won't make the best of choices when you're up against all the signs and cute things distracting you from your plan! 

2.- Make a detailed list of what you want or need to purchase. Especially if you're doing Black Friday Shopping for gifts! I love getting all my shopping done that day. It's become a fun tradition and I get amazing deals by being prepared and knowing where I want to go. 

3.- Search online before heading out. Make sure you know what shops are your favorite and what the sales will be before you head out the door. Or if you' want to take advantage of shopping online, go to the store now nad try things on so you'll know what size you are! 

4.- When you're out shopping make sure to not get sucked into buying something only because it's on sale. Remember that you can save 100% if you don't purchase the item. Another thing to consider is your budget. Take out the money that you're allowing yourself to shop with so you don't get into debt for a sale! You can start saving some cash in an envelope next summer for this sale next year and it will provide you with a great sense of delight when you're only spending what you budgeted for it and not buying what you don't need. 

Black Friday Deals:

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Cyber Monday Deals: