1 Dress 3 Coats | Holiday Party Looks

Thank you  Banana Republic  for lending me these gorgeous items! 

Thank you Banana Republic for lending me these gorgeous items! 

I love to get creative and challenging myself as to how many looks I can create with one item. Since Holiday parties are in full swing, I figured I'd give you some inspiration to take a piece and make it work for you throughout the circuit of gatherings you might be attending in the next few weeks! I loved the pairing of these colors and I hope you take some inspiration from this to add to your own unique style! 

If you have one dress that you adore you can go to different thrift stores or second-hand stores or if you have the budget, you can pick new items to go on top of that excellent starting piece! The accessories and the coat will change the look of your base item! Think of color combos you love and pair those together. Think of different shoes you can throw on. Or a big scarf or that bag that you've been waiting to pull out! I believe that your creativity will go far this Holiday season! 

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I would love to encourage you with this today. You can be intentional about what you put your time to these next few weeks. So many of us struggle with high expectations and feeling a little overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list. Sit down and really ask yourself what you'd like to invest your time into. What is the most meaningful way you can end this year? And do just that. The rest will take care of itself.  May your heart be Merry and Bright! I love you!