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How To Spring Layers 2017

How To Spring Layers 2017

I am loving this weather, loves! It as such a gorgeous day today, wow! I am super excited for the possibilities of light layering this Spring.

It's all about putting breathable fabrics together! Say goodbye to your heavy coats and yes to your linen, chiffon, and silk layers



Start with your base. I call this the, "if it got to be 80 degrees" base.  Or whatever is warm, wherever you live! That's your base outfit! 


Add a third element to your base. Think accessories! Like a belt, scarf,  a hat! 


Pick final layers that meet you at your coldest needs. Think of a light sweater and a jacket. My favorites for Spring are boyfriend fit blazers (here's a adorable one for curvy bodies), a Military jacket, a Jean jacket, or a Duster coat which is the style I am wearing here! 

Voila! You've completed the extensive, how to style yourself through Spring, course. Handshakes to you my beloved!

Now let me talk to you about the shirt and the skirt piece I am wearing here. Both are designer styles avaliable for sale shirt size small, skirt size Medium.  I had to put the skirt over another skirt because it is a gorgeous sheer little number. Oh, the ways you can style it! Anyway, below is the lowdown of the designer!  I hope you enjoy this new season and enjoy yourself as you are today! 

There is something about seeing a woman taking steps into the direction of her calling.  

I loved visiting my new friend, Anastasia Kryukova.  I was welcomed into her lovely home and she showed me to her space where she designs and produces her marvelous pieces! I love seeing women be who they were called to be! Just as I have been encouraged by so many women to fall on my face in the pursuit of my dreams assuring me they'd be there to comfort me and to help me celebrate when we have victory,  I too, want to help and believe for other women's dreams!  

I believe people know what they were called to do when thinking about it makes their pits a little sweaty. You know what I'm saying!?  I believe we all have something important to do here on earth. It will require sacrifice, failure, determination, facing rejection and perseverance but I believe it is possible when one feels loved by God the creator of those very dreams. People change when they feel loved, encouraged and significant.The only constant source of that for me is my God in heaven.

Thank you, Anastasia for allowing me to wear your gorgeous shirt and skirt designed by you. May you prosper in your business because you do amazing work!  May you be encouraged to design away and know you're making a difference in the world, just by being you! Thank you. 

If you're interested in her designs and READY to wear styles, make sure you see her site

Much love and respect, 


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