My J.Crew Mercantile Event

I had the honor and pleasure of having a styling class at the J.Crew Mercantile store last month! They opened their doors to me and we styled four looks that would be Summer ready with an elevated twist! 

It was delightful to have an ENTIRE store to chose from! I felt like a kid at a candy store! I will admit at the very beginning I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices, but then I thought  to pick what I would for my own closet, and I began building the looks for each and every model there! Thank you to Rachael,   KaliicyeMonica and Kenya for modeling for this event! You are very appreciated! 

I had Monica there as a model she ended up bringing her camera and blessed me with these pictures! Thank you, Monica, for your talent and ability in both areas! 

It was a morning I was expecting with excitement for weeks. I learned so much about being an entrepreneur and the learning possibilities in EVERY situation! The event itself didn't go as I had expected, to be honest. However, I learned that people who love you will support you and love you through your "failures"! If you're a person starting out on a journey of your own business or doing an idea that is precious to you, don't EVER get discouraged when you fail! Feel your feels of disappointment and then get back up!! That is how we best learn, from the small mistakes we make along the way! I love you friends. Thank you for being here for my journey! Know it's not always rainbows and butterflies. BUT I always go away learning something great! I left J.Crew feeling ready to go the next mile in my journey and supported by my girls that were there with me! 

The best thing I can tell you to elevate your Summer look, is to add a third element to your outfit. It can be a statement necklace, or a hat. Or a light blazer or third piece!! Play with patterns and colors! I love you guys!! have a great rest of your Summer!!!! 

Thank you to JCrew Mercantille at the Fountains in Roseville for opening your doors to me! We had a blast and learned A LOT from this event! God is good! 

xo, Libier