How To Wear One Dress, Three Ways


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Good and happy Monday to you, friend! Whatever your weekend was like, I pray that you have a fresh start right here, right now! I hope that you find satisfaction in the work of your hands and that you would be filled to the brim with joy and hope to get you through this week! I am so excited to show you how to turn a simple dress into 3 different outfits! 

I hope you like this post and find it helpful! 

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White Shift Dress: c/0 TOBI (HERE
Cargo Vest: Similar (HERE) & (HERE) 
Leopard Booties: Similar (HERE
Black Thin Belt: Similar (HERE
Black Hat: Similar (HERE


White Shift Dress: c/0 TOBI (HERE
Jean Vest: Similar (HERE
Black Thin Belt: Similar (HERE
Black Sandals: (HERE

Look #3

White Shift Dress: c/0 TOBI (HERE)  
Black Thin Belt: Similar (HERE
Black Sandal Heel: (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

Let's Talk Style:
A dress like this one is versatile enough to make countless different looks! Once you come up with two outfits, it will spark your creativity and the sky's the limit as to how many different looks you can do with a staple and simple summer dress like this one! One of the things I LOVE  about it, aside from how versatile it is,  is the fabric! I LOVE the feeling of the soft, yet strong blend on my skin!  It isn't clingy and for the affordable price, it feels of great quality! 

One tip in wearing the dress is to wear spanks under it! I did so that it wouldn't go up my you know-what. I generally like wearing short spanks with summer dresses like this, to prevent lines and make sure that I have everything well concealed, in case a summer breeze blows my dress, a la Marilyn! You feel me girl?

I hope you learned how to style this simple summer dress in many fun ways;  wear it for work or out to coffee with your girls, or on a fun date! Please tag me on INSTAGRAM if you happen to get creative with your dresses! Thank you for stopping by! I love you! 

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"In a society that profits from our self-doubts, liking yourself is a rebellious act." - I don't know who said it but they slay!  

P.S. Thank you TOBI for being my VERY FIRST sponsored post. I will never forget you! 

I would hope to encourage you today to do three things every day towards your goal in life. I know it can be so overwhelming sometimes to think how to do something so BIG and out of reach sometimes. However, you just have to start. Somewhere. Start. NOW! And then be constant in prayer and in diligence. Three things aren't crazy much. If you do that, your goals will start becoming a reality!

Be rebellious and say good things about yourself. Be rebellious and fight for your dreams knowing that you were made for a purpose only YOU can fulfill! Be rebellious and believe in yourself. You might not have it all together, you might not feel good enough, strong enough, competent enough, talented enough. But you do have a God who loves you and wants to help you through it! That is more than enough, you'll see !! 

The beautiful flowers I featured on this blog were a gift from God. I wanted someone to sponsor the flowers so I prayed for someone to do so if it was in God's will!  I drove to the first place I saw on my google search. I asked a fancy florist downtown and the declined. So I went to a grocery store thinking to buy myself all the flowers I needed. I picked all of what I wanted and stood in line. I felt tugged to ask again for the flowers being sponsored. I thought, NO way, I JUST asked another place and they turned me down, and besides this place is bigger and there is NO WAY they would want to sponsor me. But I felt that feeling inside bubbling up to ask again, so I did. They said they couldn't sponsor me because they couldn't be affiliated with other parties. So I said, "Okay, thank you for your time". To which then she replied, "But we will donate them to you!"  Thank you, Terri, What!? I walked out of that store in tears, knowing that it is okay to do things that scare me right out of my pants. It is okay to ask for what I need. It is okay to get turned down. It is okay to HAVE WILD FAITH that God wants to bless me in the silliest and unique ways to ME. It is okay to cry my eyeballs out in gratitude that God is with me from start to finish. When my heart is surrendered to him and to his will, there is nothing he can't do! Friend, I hope this gives you hope that he too, will help you! 

 I love you thank you for visiting me today! 

XO, Libier