All White Spring Outfit With A Pop Of Color | CAST: Bess Dane


HAPPY FRIDAY! I thank you for visiting me today! Whatever your mood is, I pray you leave her inspired to #doyoubooboo and to #loveyoubooboo

Style Tip :  
Do pair your all white outfit with black shoes and accessories! It gives the outfit an edge! 

Do wrap a beautiful print light sweater around your waist for a color pop and extra layer on a brisk Spring morning! 

Do shop at the men's section of a store for inexpensive and comfy tees! 

Don't believe for a minute you're not good enough. 

Men's White Tee-Shirt:  (HERE
White Skinny Jeans: (HERE) 
Printed Light Sweater: sold out similar  (HERE) 
Black Sandals: (HERE)

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

I love you, thank you for stopping by! Have an excellente weekendo loco! 

xo, Libier