What To Pack For A Summer Getaway : A Minimalist Approach

Hello my beautiful friends. I hope you're having a great day so far! Here are my tips to pcaking like a champ. A champ that has a light bag and the most bang for their buck in versatility on your next Summer Getaway 

Base 2-3 night time styles around a bulky shoe that way you only need one of the bulky items on board with you! Same shoe differnt outfits! 

Bring neutral solid pieces you can mix and match. Try the combinations out at home so that you can see how many outfits you can get from the pieces you're choosing to bring with you! 

Bring a few differnt accesories that can switch up your neutral/solid pieces! THat will make all the difference when you're trickng people into thinking you have a TON of otufits in your bag! No sirie, just a few things tha make a big splash! 


Have fun on your summer getaway. Watch the segment I just did for a more dynamic explanation of the above! 

Hello, World!

Love // Libier