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Off The Shoulder, Don't Care | CAST: Percy Ness

Off The Shoulder, Don't Care | CAST: Percy Ness

Photography by Monica

Good and happy Thursday, family! What's cracking!? How's your week been? Do I need to beat anyone up for you? You tell me and I'll do it!! Ha, well..... Maybe not, but I'll pray for you!! There are some mean people out there! I am hoping no one needs a whoopin' and that your week has been amazing. Mine has been a mixture of things. Some struggles sprinkled with some BEAUTIFUL moments, NONE of which cost any money. Thank God that joy is free! 

Am I loving the off the shoulder style? YES. I am. IN pictures. I have, to be honest with you guys. I really disliked this outfit on. I was uncomfortable as all heck. The shirt kept riding up my shoulders every time I moved an inch and the skirt had a little too much volume and were a little short. But we are going to work it out!  I do like the off-the-shoulder shirts, I just personally would have had a hissy fit if I had to wear this outfit ALL day. I looked for some other really cute off the shoulder shirts for you guys and linked them below, but be forewarned, I only like their appearance and have no idea how the fit, so shop cautiously! I love you! 

Off The Shoulder Shirts: similar
(HERE)\ (HERE) \(HERE) \ (HERE) \ (HERE)
Black Skirt: similar (HERE) 
Black Lace Up Flats similar  (HERE

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.

I don't know how to put into words all that is in my heart right now. So I'll try my best to get the most important message across. I thought that to be successful in a career you needed to have everything ready before you started. Education. Diploma. Business license. Money to invest in your business. The right equipment for what you needed to do. The people in your life supporting your dream. Blah, blah, blah. First of all, if you asked me five years ago what I would be doing in five years, I would have said, "A 'stay at home mom' SAHM -  That's my passion and God has called me to it". Yes. God has called me to be a mother because my husband and I chose to have a family. However, I had lost something so valuable -(ME)- in the midst of trying to be the perfect mother for my children, that I was left feeling resentful and frustrated with my life.  Motherhood is AMAZING in so many different ways, but it isn't my passion, it is my honor!  However, I will tell you a secret.... I was terrified to admit I needed more to myself and others, for what it would say about me as a SAHM.  

I had so much creative energy bottled up, I was in a heap of depression, much in part because I wasn't creating... anything, except for a false "perfect home life"- Yeah, try keeping that one up!  When I surrendered my life to God, I did so with trepidation for I didn't know him or trust him at the time. I had NO CLUE what an amazing adventure he would take me on, discovering the Libier he so lovingly created. I have been on a love journey falling deeply in love with my creator and with myself.  I finally began to understand that there is so much power in being who I was meant to be, not who I thought I should be for other people's sake, just ME. For so long,  I had been a  false version of myself, I was merely existing, this is living now. Fully on board with life and feeling all the feelings of disappointment or victory vibrantly, I wouldn't have it any other way!

When I started this whole blogging world, I had every excuse in my head as to why it wasn't the right time. The first of which was, "I have small children." God has helped me to balance things so that I not stuck on any one thing for too long. He's been my plumb line this whole time. I've messed up hundreds of times but there is something to be said about the growth that it's provided in my heart and in my character. 

I had no idea the things God would do in my life through his amazing power and faithfulness. I practically started my business with none of the things listed above. I don't have a college degree. I didn't have money to start or the right equipment. I hardly had anyone "get" my vision at the beginning, so I depended deeply on God's sole encouragement (which obviously is MORE than enough), even though it didn't FEEL like it at the time!  I didn't start this with the intent of it being a career or a success. Or to make money. Or to be on TV. Or to get free clothes. Or for my own glory. I started to so I could be obedient to that little flame that was resurrected by Christ when I surrendered ALL my dreams to him. He put a fire in my GUT to follow a dream so AUDACIOUS, ONLY A GOD SO POWERFUL AS OUR GOD, COULD EVER MAKE IT COME TRUE. And he has!!!

I am living my dream because I chose faith over fear. Because I blindly moved one foot in front of the other, HOPING God would show up, and did he show up!?  He has more than showed up. I am living my dream because God can show his glory through my weakness. I could have never done this on my own. And he can do it for you, my love. Nothing is impossible with the God of the Universe. I hope you have dreams in your belly so big they drown out any doubt or fear. Even though they ache and sometimes feel like it would be better to choose the path with less risk, I pray that you understand who is BEHIND you. Before you, on your side, at ALL times. And he will NEVER leave you. 

Xo, Libier

White Overalls Slay My Life | CAST: Sandra Joz

White Overalls Slay My Life | CAST: Sandra Joz

How To Style A Dotted Dress | CAST: Marla Alkof

How To Style A Dotted Dress | CAST: Marla Alkof