Shop Your Own Closet: Behind The Scenes | Good Day Sacramento

Good morning, family! Two Fridays ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be on Good Day Sacramento giving tips on how to shop your closet to get ready for a new season! Melissa Cabral was so sweet! She let me raid her closet and give her some tips and pointers for what she should keep, toss, and how to match things she would never have paired before! Monica came along with me and took these amazing behind the scene photos, thank you, love!

It was so interesting to me to see that every woman goes through the same ordeal in the morning. We wake up and sometimes dread to go in our closet. I believe these few reasons make for an overwhelming closet. 

1.- Too much stuff

You have heard it said before, less is MORE. I believe this is true, especially in your closet. The MORE you have, the less likely it is you know what it ALL is. The more choices you have the more overwhelmed you feel and this energy translates into your morning, or whenever you're trying to be creative to slay your outfit! 

Watch the two segments down below! And just call me, 'The Closet Ranger"! 

2.- Keeping Things That Don't Fit

Okay, follow me here for a minute. I  am only trying to help us out here!  I am guilty of keeping things in my closet that don't fit, for the hope that maybeeee one day, they will, as well! But since I kicked this bad habit, I have felt a peace like no other. So my hope is to not to upset you by telling you to throw away all the "skinny" jeans and clothes that don't fit you anymore. My hope is to encourage you to no self-sabotage. When you keep things in your closet that don't fit, it discourages you right away because you are faced with the choice of that item, since it's in your closet.  So EVERY TIME you see it, you're faced with the reality that it does not fit, right now. Well, my suggestion is, if you want to keep the item, do so some place else! Put it away in a box and write yourself a note saying 'you hope to fit in them again, but you love yourself too much to let them dictate your joy each morning.' The last thing you need is a constant reminder that you're not where you used to be. My hope is that you'll let go of what was and embrace what IS AND WHAT CAN BE. Let's look forward friends, let's focus on what we can become! With God, all things are possible. Be kind to yourself RIGHT NOW, accept yourself, NOW. And then, if you wish to take measures in losing weight, do it because you love yourself, rather than punishing yourself for not being there yet.  A little self-love goes a long way! 

3.- Not Enough Playing

This is something I do because it's super fun for me and I understand it might not be as enjoyable to someone else, but still. We ALL need to wear clothes, so why not try to have a little FUN!  I like to play when I get dressed and pair a  piece with something it's never paired with before. This step is only fun and doable when you've eliminated the clutter and excess of the closet and only kept things that you love and that fit. Try to be as wild as you can in pairing things you would never before. You never have to wear them out but if you don't try, you'll never know! Get inspired by looking on Pinterest at street style divas! Inspiration also goes a LONG way. Just make sure you don't allow comparison to creep into your soul and mind. You are uniquely you and that is enough, sister! 

I loved every minute of being on location with Good Day and giving Melissa all my tips. She was amazing and kind and sooooooo beautiful! I hope you guys liked these tips and that you give the videos a watch! Know that I love YOU and thank you for being here today! 

Love // Libier 

Love // Libier