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2 Ways To Be On Trend Without Breaking The Bank

2 Ways To Be On Trend Without Breaking The Bank



There are so many trends, so many seasons to brave and so many hard earned dollars to lose if you don't buckle up your spending frenzy and teach it a thing or two. Trust me, I know! My name is Libier and I am a recovering shopaholic.  One day at a time, friends! 

I've learned a couple of things that are starting to really change my life and the way I go about shopping. Here are two concepts that have helped me tremendously. 

1.- Scope out the trends and really ask yourself WHY you want to jump on the band wagon. 

For me, it's always been a thing about feeling cool and worthy. I have always felt like if I had good quality clothes, I would be more likable and worthy of love and connection.  Truth hurts but it also has set me free. I've learned that a lot of the reasons why I wanted to buy certain things were because of a deep wound in my heart that needed/s healing.

Don't get me wrong, darling. I LOVE beautiful things and God has helped me understand that if I can afford them and I buy them with the correct motivation, there is no harm in having something nice. I just don't want to be a slave to that "thing". You feel me? 

When I buy with the right motive it helps me to not impulse buy ANYTHING, including a trendy item I might only wear once. Once I figure out my motivation I go on to step number 2.

2.- Buy out of season, non-brand, and in cash. 

  • I KNOW it is not fun to wait for anything. I am the QUEEN of, "I want it NOW!" I have learned my lesson that if I don't learn to wait for things, I will not have money, ever! If I really like something that is trending, I'll look for a cheaper alternative like I did with the white sneakers that are pictured. I bought them at Target instead of buying them at a name brand store.
  • Now, buying out of season is tricky because you think, I don't know what will be trending in the future!  But, right now is the time to BUY for Fall/Winter.  You can save some major mula by buying neutral staples off-season and then buying the "fun" pieces at the ON-season.  
  •  What I like to do is put away what I buy and then I take it out in the correct season and BAM! I just went "shopping" and I saved a lot of our hard earned money!  
  • Buy everything you can in cash! I know it's hard, but if you get yourself into debt for looking good, you'll end up looking good only externally and you'll be stressed out of your mind on the inside. I know because that was me. Inundated in debt and suffering from stomach aches every day from all the stress.
  • If you do want a specific brand, save up for it until you have the cash and you feel a freedom that goes along with waiting for your purchase and paying in CASH. You WILL feel the weight of your spending and it will show you if what you want is really worth it.  It is the worst feeling in the world to buy something on credit KNOWING you can't afford it, then bringing it home and feeling your belly ache because you know it was a poor choice. Then having to pay interest on that item you bought to make you happy, but all it does is temporarily satisfy a symptom of a very much deeper issue.  And then you're hungry for more.

    Lovie, be good to yourself. You are enough without any garments. Let's learn to shop since we DO need clothes on our bodies, let's not be cray and go nude all the days of our lives! But let's be smart and wise with our money! I hope you were inspired by this, I am.  I want to keep learning more and get better in this difficult area in my life. Don't think for a second I've got this down. I make mistakes still and will continue to.  God is guiding me with his steady hand into a better place! Thanks for being with me today! I love you

XO, Libier

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