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Trench Coat Style | Navy & Pink

Trench Coat Style | Navy & Pink

 Photography by  Doug Reynolds

Photography by Doug Reynolds

HELLO FAMILY!! How are you?! I've missed you. I have had the week of cray! I was super sick and then I have been working really hard on changing my website around. But I am back in action. I feel like sometimes it's good to step back for a moment to see the full picture of what you want. What I want is to be me for you. I never want to feel like I'm posting when I'm not authentically there. So please forgive me for not being consistent whilst I was rearranging and changing and molding this blog into what I need it to be right now today. Thank you for your patience and here we go! 

This is an outfit I wore the other day and I must say that it was so fun to rock these colors. I LOVE blue and pink together, I think they make such a cute couple! I hope this inspires you to find your favorite color match! I also love how you can throw a trench on anything and it will look polished! 

Pink Sweater: similar (HERE)
Plaid Pink Shirt:  similar (HERE
Navy Blue Pants : (HERE
Nude Pumps: similar (HERE
Trench Coat: similar (HERE)

**Remember you don't NEED to have what I do to look beautiful. You probably can do this look with things already from your wardrobe, these are just guidelines to help you find your OWN style that works for you and your budget.


Things in this life sometimes do NOT make sense. People suffer loss. People suffer grief that is crazy. People try, and try, and try, and somehow sometimes, just can't catch a break. People do their best and an unfair circumstance comes and robs them of all they had. People suffer greatly. People fight and might feel like they aren't getting anywhere,  but then,  they get up, AGAIN for the thousandth time, and that is what helps them move into victory. People are amazing.

 My life sometimes feels like an intense match against myself. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel and just living life "regularly" but then I catch a glimpse of what God has promised me and the feelingsof wanting to give up dissipate. I catch a second wind in the midst of the storm and I see a ray of hope. The hope to which he has called me. 🙌 This life isn't easy. This life is worth the fight, though. We have an adversary who would LOVE it if we gave up. I always think about him when I am at my worst. I get reminded that if I quit, he wins and it makes me angry. Angry for all he's already stolen in my life. ALL I have left is my faith that God can restore me. Faith that God can turn any difficulty into good for me. Faith that I can deal with uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way. Faith that it is for the greater good and someday, I will see clearly why I had to endure so much pain. The funny thing about people is that we are RESILIENT. We can often endure way more than we can possibly imagine and that in the midst of the fight, we get to taste the love of God in such a vibrant way that it makes it worth it! At least it has for me. Worth every tear. Worth every difficulty. Not easy. But so worth it to see what I am capable of through God's strength.  May you get your second wind for your fight, my friend. I'm banking on you winning! I love you.


How To Wear All Gray | Monochrome Style

How To Wear All Gray | Monochrome Style

Super Comfy and Casual Outfit & My Heart Spilled Out

Super Comfy and Casual Outfit & My Heart Spilled Out