God Is Faithful, My 2017 Recap | Camel and Navy Blue


Well. It's 2018. We are officially in the future! What will our kids say when they are older? Oh, mom and dad, you and your iPhone 7. Friends! Does anyone else think like this? I trip out at the year, but alas we are here and it's our privilege to be in this moment! Happy New Year. Did your Holidaze go by fast or what?! Mine feels like a whirl. I have so many. many. many things to tell you. I've missed you so much, my beloved friend. I truly hope you are well. I am in all sorts of ways. I'm experiencing some of the highest highs in my life and some of the lowest lows in my life. What an end to a year of breakthrough and resilience. Did you have a word you can sum up your year with? I ask you because I believe it's so important to look back and thank ourselves for the year we had. To celebrate those victories and to ask God to help us heal from all the falls. My prayer for you is this. That no matter the falls you sustained in 2017. No matter the heartache you might have found yourself in. No matter how many disappointments you faced. No matter how many times you felt embarrassed, unworthy, unqualified.  For all the times you felt anxious and depressed. Forever moment you wondered why?  For every moment you felt lonely and unseen. For those lows, I pray that you'de feel the perfect balm of the love of Jesus healing each and every one of those hurts. Picutre the hands of Jesus and hand your burdens over to him. You'll feel a peace that truly surpasses your understanding (Philippians 4:7)  I pray that in the place where there was supposed to be death and scarcity from that fall, that God would plant his resurrecting love and infuse you with a new hope a new direction for each failure. That he would give you double for your trouble! A new found faith and his perfection marking every fiber of your being. I truly hope you had some if not many, victories as well. I bet if you look really hard back at the year you can recount on the faithfulness of God in your life. I bet you will see the places where you knew he was with you. For his promises are to never leave us or forsake us. I pray that you'd be so anchored by the love of God this year that you would believe him at his word for every promise in your life. The word he keeps giving me lately is this. He is FAITHFUL. HE IS FAITHFUL. HE IS FAITHFUL. So, don't give up! Even when God gives us a no. His love is still a yes and it's more than enough. Often the answer to all our prayer can be solved with him at the cross, his love poured out for you and me.

In my 2017 there were so many amazing victories.  A few of the best ones were my relationship with my husband deepening and strengthening. Me developing more as a mother and really beginning to believe I am enough for my children. Another huge moment in 2017 for me was the breakthrough of singing in front of others! Another was truly loving and accepting myself as I am. What a year. He is faithful even when book IndieGoGo campaigns don't go as you plan them. He is faithful even when your singing doesn't go as you practiced on live t.v. and you feel embarrassed.  He is faithful even when your dad you just got back from alcoholism for less than a few years now has cancer. He is faithful even when your kids hurt and you can't take away their pain. He is faithful even when a family member doesn't want a relationship with you. He is faithful because HIS faithfulness doesn't ride on circumstance. He is faithful.

I am so expectant and delighted to see 2018 unfold for you and me. I love you and I pray and hope you have a fantastic year. You are precious and enough and worthy of having a great year.

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