Chic Date-Night Outfit | Importance Of Dating Your Spouse


It's no secret that I love my husband. I seriously feel absolutely blessed to have him in my life. I believe I have a little secret to FEELING this way, keep reading sister! 

We are firm believers of dating and January and some of Feb got away from us with the flu and serious difficulty striking our family.  Thank God things are settling and we thought we better get ourselves out on a hot little date!  Our favorite babysitter knocked on the door at 5pm Saturday night and we jetted out the door feeling like teenagers!! Anybody else get a thrill when that special knock comes? Okay, just me? Doug and I decided to go to Canon! A a new trendy restaurant that recently opened in Sacramento.  My husband really understands the types of places I enjoy going to! If you are in this area and are looking for an affordable and swanky place that has food that will feel magical in your mouth, do not hesitate to go,  It is amazing. We had the bread plate and the garlic olive oil dip was out of this world. Then, we enjoyed the ribs and the chicken leg. Holy goodness I feel like I had a moment with those. It felt like I was eating art instead of food! Thank you Canon for such a great experience. We will be your testers if you every need any!

Anyway, enough about the restaurant. I want to share my secret with you in feeling grateful for my husband after almost ten years of marriage.


BIG SECRET: I think about the things I delight in him more than what I don't like about him. Boom. Mic drop. Okay... You're probably like, what? That's your big secret?   And yes. It doesn't sound very sexy but it has upgraded my relationship with him on so many levels. Don't get me wrong, if there is an issue (which there always is, it's life!) I communicate what I'd love to change. I pray that God will help him in the areas where he still needs work, but I allow the Lord to do with him what he is doing with me and transforming hearts takes time. However, when my mind is so focused on all the things I absolutely love about him, it leaves no room for negativity and I feel so in love and grateful for my husband. It's a beautiful thing! 

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