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5 Questions To Ask God and Yourself In This New Season | The Autumn Reset

5 Questions To Ask God and Yourself In This New Season | The Autumn Reset


I believe that the best work we do is the work we allow God to work out his purpose in our hearts. Sometimes we are really at a loss for what to do or say in this season we are in.Sometimes we started out our faith journey with a boat-load of faith and in the disappointments and pain of life we started to doubt and question the call/ promise/ anointing of the Lord for our lives. I believe that God desires us to seek his heart in every season! Our relationship with him will always be evolving, so I’m learning to not lean on my past relationship with him, rather to surrender and humble myself before my King in this moment.

Here are five questions I would love to ask myself as I am making room for God to work HIS almighty work in my life and I thought you might want to ask them for yourself, friend. As i know we’re in this together. We are not alone!! We are body! If you succeed, I succeed. Your healing is my healing. Your blessing is my blessing. And your suffering is mine as well! As we are being prepared for the last few months of 2018, I believe that asking God and ourselves these five questions will help and equip us to lean in deeper into the heart of God so that we won’t remain discouraged but press forward into our destiny!

I believe God gave us a promised Land and it comes with waging war on our old selves!! Listen you can’t take your old self with you into a promise! Leave it all behind because you are a NEW CREATION IN CHIRST JESUS! You are not the same person you were a year ago. Five years ago! Ten years ago! So decide today to take possession of your land! Joy abundant is yours in the midst of ANY circumstance! Christ is with you and he will never leave!

So delve deep into his heart and ask him these questions to propel yourself into the next version of who God designed you to be.

  1. Lord, will you give me vision for the next five years of my life? Will you give me a glimpse of the dreams that I can’t believe for myself? Will you forgive my unbelief and my skepticism and melt it with your Holy Fire. And gift me with faith to grasp the promise you declared over my life in my mothers womb? Will you give me trust of you that surpasses my current situation?

  2. This season, Lord what do you want me to surrender at your feet? What sin do I need to repent? And, Lord will you help me to release my old self. Like really, really let her go?! Bye Felicia!

  3. How can I be of service to those around me? Lord I know that you came to serve God so will you cleanse my heart from selfishness. That your word will secure my worth and that out of healing my heart I would serve those you appointed me in this season?

  4. God will you reveal yourself in a new and fresh way in this new season of my life? Will you help me to see you in my everyday and help me have a grateful heart!

  5. Who do I need to forgive or what hurt do I need God to heal that is holding me back from my progress?


Here are some prayers I wrote for myself a few months ago that I think might bless you! I asked God for scripture that might help me wage war on the things I was going through and he helped me to wrap my prayers in his word. I pray that these prayers of mine help your quest! These prayers are taken from the bible and into my words so they might not all be in the addresses. Just FYI.

Psalm 2: 7-8

Daddy thank you for sending your one and only son to die for me. To adopt me into your love and behold give me an INSTANT inheritance. I put away my orphan attitude and graciously & gratefully receive the gifts you’re giving me. “ You are my daughter; today I have promoted you . Ask of me, and I will make the Nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possessions.”

Psalm 5

I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house and my inheritance. I will bow down toward your Holy Temple in the fear of you. Lead me, Oh Lord, in your righteousness, make your way straight before me. For you bless the righteous, O Lord: cover me with favor as with a shield.

Philippians 4: 6-7

I’m not anxious about ANYTHING. INSTEAD I make my requests known to God through prayer and thanksgiving. The peace of God guards my heart and my mind in ways I can’t even understand. I humble myself before my Lord and TRUST that he will promote me in the right time. I cast all my worries, fears and anxieties on him, because he cares for me. (1 Peter 5: 6-7)

Peter 5: 7

Thank you God that you love me for WHO I am NOT what I DO. Help me believe in the value of my identity rather than my performance or behavior. Help me Lord to get my mind off of what others think about me. I cast my anxiety on to you; because you care for me. I can in your strenght build healthy and loving relationships. Lord help me to work and live FROM approval and not FOR it!

Alright love. May you know how much God truly loves you for who you are. I love you so much as well. I’ll se you next week. Please say a prayer for me as I’m grieving some things right now. My heart could truly use some prayers in my name. Thank you!

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