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Chic Valentine Gift Ideas | The Coach Edit

Chic Valentine Gift Ideas | The Coach Edit


c/o Thank you to Coach for collaborating with our TV segment and post today!

I am such a gift-giver and gift lover! I am not even ashamed of it anymore! I learned from the book The 5 Love Languages and I’m so grateful that I finally understand my love for giving and receiving a well thought out gift! I want to thank Coach for collaborating with me on today’s post to bring you my favorite Winter Style items from their collection that in turn have a great spin for Valentine’s Day gifts and WILL help you transition into Spring!

These gifts will be good for the woman who loves to be chic and appreciates a nice bag and accessory!

Beloved friend! I don’t know if you remember that first bag you saved up like a lot of penny’s for. The one that made you feel like you were all grow up. I remember the exact time and location of buying my first Coach bag. A few years ago, I finally had the revelation of not buying a ton of bad quality bags but rather wait unlit I could save up, for a great quality one that I really loved and sparked so much joy!

I bought my first Coach bag at the Folsom Outlets, ages ago! I walked in there so excited to have saved $100 for a single bag. I romantically strolled around the entire store to see what they had. That little Horse and Carriage, always delighted me in the past! I was finally at a point in my life where I would have my own Coach bag, I felt like a kid that had been a good steward with her money!

In the past I hadn’t learned how to manage money properly and saving money was not a habit for me before! I also didn’t understand that when you were being responsible with money, you could save up to treat yourself on items that felt out of reach before. So when my first Coach bag, a little triangular black bag that had a crossbody and top handles caught my eye, it was love at first sight. I could just see all the outfits I’d be wearing with it and of course I chose black because that’s my color and since it was a miracle I saved $100 dollars for a bag I wasn’t going to go with a crazy color and not be able to wear it much! So black it was! And I used that little coach bag! I mean I used that thing so much! I know now that neither a bag nor a little gold emblem with a brands-branding will ever give me value or worth. I know that it doesn’t give me lasting contentment. I understand now, that only comes for me through God himself. So when my motives for having a delightful bag are in line with what I believe to be true about myself and when I have the budget for it, I rejoice for a great made and gorgeous handbag that can take my outfit from basic to Chic in an instant! Being a woman is delicious and I delight in all things girlie like beautiful. And the best part of receiving luxury items is the amazing intention and thought!



I am so grateful that a gift is so much more than a materialistic thing to have.

A gift is really thinking about the person whom you love and blessing them with something that reminds you of them, a little extension of who you think they are. I know most women love gifts, okay. But there are some of us out there that really do perceive love by giving and receiving gifts. I guess you can call me a professional gift picker and giver! I did the leg work for you and choose the gifts for this Valentines day that you or someone chic and awesome you love will love!! These little tokens of appreciation were picked from my very own heart and I’m so grateful to Coach for collaborating with me on this post and TV segment so I can bring you the best of what they have available right now! These are my personal preferences as far as color, but these items also come in a plethora of colors to suit your loved ones’s personal style! Thank you for visiting me and I really hope you have a great rest of your Winter and Valentine’s day is beautiful for you!

Remember, it really is the intention and thought that counts! What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?



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