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How To Deal With A Season Of Transition

How To Deal With A Season Of Transition

Photography by  Vanessa Harris

Photography by Vanessa Harris

Beloved friend! Have you ever been in a season of transition? Have you ever felt frustrated because you aren’t where you used to be, however, you aren’t yet where you know you could be? Have you ever been in the middle of a journey feeling a little lost? Have you ever felt in a season of transition that rocked you and made you look inward to make sure you’re still you? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like you needed a makeover haul? I am there too. Physically and emotionally. Have you ever felt like a a cocoon pushing and pushing against tight quarters, feeling less strong with each push? Listen, With every little “insignificant push” God is making your wings a little stronger for the glorious flight!

I am in a major transition season in my life. I’m in transition from my pixie growing out. I no longer have platinum blonde hair. I’m on the way down weight from gaining 10 pounds last year. I’m starting a new freelance position tomorrow. I am transitioning from a little kid mamma to a BIG kid momma; I finally got ‘it” down, scratch that, out the window! New season! I am in an emotional transition to my promised land of my heart. No longer a slave and no longer in the wilderness but yet learning how to let God get Egypt out of me. Jesus rescued me and yet traces of slavery still remain in my soul. Lots of transition happening in my life and all of my flesh wants to wig out and be afraid and move backwards to the things that I knew. The old life that breathes familiarity to my heart, no matter how toxic it was. But I will not allow a time of transition to scare me back into captivity. Jesus broke the chains and I will by faith keep walking forward and by faith receive the abundant life God is giving me; one that I can’t earn or mess up. One that I get to have because God is please with his son every-time he looks at me! One I can’t not earn but receive by faith! Even if one day all I can do is wiggle a little. I will wiggle! But onward and forward we shall go!

My daughters are also in a state of transition. Their teeth are falling out and they are “chimuelas” right now. That’s toothless in Spanish! They’ve been checking their new smiles out in the mirror and I can see the little question mark in their eyes , “I look different. Is this weird? Should I freak out?” As the smooth their little tongues over their teeth. My mother’s tender heart hugs them so tightly and tells them they are beautiful no matter how many teeth go missing. Their worth isn’t in their physical appearance! I reassure them about this time being just a season! They don’t even know it but in a few years they’ll have a full set of teeth and their smilies will be capturing hearts. The season they are going through isn’t a forever place! They are no stuck there.

And neither you or I stuck in our seasons of transition and preparation. See nothing is wasted all things are meant to grow us to the women God intended for us to be. So if you find yourself in a place that feels unknown, here’s what we do know, “I have strenght for all things in Christ who empowers me” (I am ready for ANYTHING and EQUAL to anything thorough Him who infuses inner strenght into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency) (Philippians 4:13 amp) Claim this and speak this over your life and watch the word of God equip you, transform you, and comfort you in this season!

I love you, don’t give up or lose your heart! He is with you and you will not fail! I’ll see you next week!

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