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My Favorite Spring Trend & Learning Boundaries

My Favorite Spring Trend & Learning Boundaries

Photography by:  Doug Reynolds

Photography by: Doug Reynolds

Hello beautiful friend! I hope this blog finds you well. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and healing in the past few months and I am learning so much about myself. One thing I’ve learned is my favorite Spring trend, ha! Another thing I’ve learned is I am learning how to set healthy boundaries!

When I see an all Earth-tone outfit my little Corazoncito begins to beat faster. I love the trend so much because anytime I wear it I feel polished an elegant! This color is seriously deliciously goes with so much if you do break it up and use it to mix-and-match other outfits! I love the simplicity of the look when wearing it from head to toe! A more neutral color palette is something I am finding more and more attractive as I mature in my style! I am so happy that this color is so easy to find and you can grab a few pieces and enjoy lots of different looks!

As far as my heart; Another aspect I am learning is the ability to set boundaries. With myself and others. I didn’t grow up in an environment where I was thought boundaries. In fact my environment forced me to have shattered boundaries ,especially physical and relational ones, since I experienced sexual abuse. My body never really felt like my own and nether did my, no. I’m now healing in those areas and God has given me the wisdom to know he and I can rebuild physical, spiritual, mental and emotional boundaries for me to enjoy! Enjoy, the process of rebuilding and also I know I will enjoy a time when I belong to God and to myself fully! No people pleasing, no trying to be something I am not in fear of losing love. Finally able to let go of the toxic belief that I can control circumstances and people for my feeling of safety. Having a no that is taken seriously and respect for myself and other’s boundaries. And developing a healthy “spiritual heart” that lets love in and let’s love out, without succumbing to the fear of it being hurt! Because lets face it, everyone is capable of disappointing and if my heart remains closed off, I won’t get to experience the joy God died to give me; the freedom to love and be loved. To be quite honest the process of learning boundaries and actually acting on them has been a quite painful process! It’s taken every ounce of grit to stand up for myself and my family in ways I didn’t know how before. As I practice more and more it has become easier, as with most things! With the help of our amazing Heavenly Father, I feel certain with hope that I can change and God will guide me! Even then, it’s been challenging and painful, however, I would do it over and over again for the freedom that I’m already starting to feel in a lot of areas in my life. Boundaries keep us where we need to be. They are what God designed for us to find freedom. But many of us are still operating on either broken boundaries; not knowing how to establish them to not knowing how to respect them.

Either way, we can be assured that God can help us! I am reading the book by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, Boundaries, right now for the second time, and I am already crying every day at the places that have yet to be healed and strengthened. It’s definitely a journey! I highly suggest this amazing book if you are ready to make some changes. It’s changed my life before and it’s changing my life again reading it over again, I’m finding new information that I don’t think my heart was ready for the first time I read it. * this is an affiliate link so if you happen to buy I will receive a small percentage of your purchase. Thank you for your support of my blog! I appreciate you!

I love you guys so much and I hope you have an amazing week! Know that you have a powerful mind and a resilient spirit that will bounce back from anything you’ve been through or are going through. That you have a MIGHTY God who will walk this journey with you into eternity! You are not alone!



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