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Daily Harvest & My Healthy Winter Morning Routine

Daily Harvest & My Healthy Winter Morning Routine



Beloved, friends! Happy Tuesday to you. This is a very special post from my heart to yours. I wanted to share with you the small little morning habits that have transformed my life. One of which is fueling my body for the day with a rad meal, full of daily goodness! I am cultivating a healthy relationship with food. I’m learning how to eat in a well balanced way. So I’m designing a very relaxed way of eating. What I do, is wait until I’m hungry to eat and whatever it is, I eat it to the glory of God. My goal is to eat mindfully and without shame or guilt, so when I’m enjoying a rich desert, I enjoy it to the fullest and when I crave Doritos, I enjoy them to the fullest. And, when I crave some amazing vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, I enjoy those to the fullest as well. I do notice how my body feels after eating a well balanced meal so I know that putting amazing foods into my body is important to me and my family. This is where Daily Harvest has been an important part of my health journey! They deliver such delicious, healthy-packed food that is ready in minutes to my door! I can keep the adorable containers in my freezer and they really aid me when I want that daily dose of goodness!

I love their smoothies especially the Carrot + Chia, that’s my ultimate fav! For a great lunch I love the Harvest Bowls! My favorite is the Quinoa + Chipotle . My favorite soup is the Mushroom + Miso !! All of which my family also loves and can really get me out of a rut when I’m not feeling like making food for my team! I highly suggest Daily Harvest, if you’re looking to invest in your health, saving time from shopping + preparing for quick meals with a chockfull of nutrition! I promise you, they are so worth it! They are as delicious as they are nutritious and as they are #freezergoals beautiful in your fridge! What I love most about them is how quick and convenient they are. The smoothies even have a little hole at the top and they become your to-go cup!

Yes , please and thank you, Daily Harvest!

I’m super excited that today they are launching, breakfast inspired, Harvest Bowls!

The new collection includes four new flavors:

Which one do you think you would love most?

Tips and Pointers on how to have a successful morning

I hope this post and video encourages you and inspires you!

  • Prepare the night before

  • Waking up a 30-60 min earlier - If you can win the morning you can win the day

  • Start the day with an unplugged morning! I love to read my bible, pray, meditate and write in my gratitude journal.

  • Move your body in a way that feels great to you!

  • Fill yourself up first, design an amazing beauty regimen!

  • Daily dose of goodness with a great breakfast

  • Choose one morning cleaning habit- I love getting one load of laundry in the wash most every morning.

Here’s a question you can ask yourself to build your own morning routine that will change your life!

  1. What are the things that you value?

What you value most is a great starting point to give yourself the time in the morning to get to doing those very things! You only have so much will power and it goes bye-bye the more choices we have to make during the day, so arm yourself with a successful morning routine that fuels, fills and propels you toward the new version of you! Nothing will change if you don’t change. And it’s more often the tinny steps we take consistently on a daily basis that build our lives. SO change your habits and transform your life. You can do it!

Nightly prep is one of the most important aids to a successful morning. When you prepare before you tell your brain, “Oh wow, it’s really going down! And you have less excuses to make in the morning! I believe in you!

Thank you to Daily Harvest for sponsoring this post. You guys rock and I’m honored to partner with you! Congratulations on your launch! xo, Libier



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