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My Night Time Routine + Skin Care I Love

My Night Time Routine + Skin Care I Love



c/o thank you to all the amazing brands that send me samples to test and share with my tribe! 

Beloved friends!!! I am sharing my favorite night time routine with you! I hope this helps you discover what will be a great Night Time Routine for your skin and that you’d feel confident and comfortable being able to know  in which order to apply your lotions and potions! 

My night time routine :

  1. Cleanse the skin: I love doing a double cleanse starting off with an oil based cleanser to help me gently break down make-up, SPF and grime from the day.  Then I follow up with a gentle and affordable cleanser like this one from Vanicream or an exfoliating cleanser from Tatcha! I love both! They are great cleansers that leave your pores clean and your skin not feeling dry!

  2. Since I like to tighten my pores, I spray on a rose toner from Bliss! It helps restore the PH balance of the skin and it gets the pores ready for all of the nutrients it’s about to receive! If you have no large pores you can totally skip this step! But I do love the price point, adorable factor and how easy it is to use in the little bottle!

  3. Then I go in with all my serums for treating what is bothering me about my skin. I love doing a Vitamin C serum every other day, one that is very good and effective is this Mario Badecsu, I’ve used this puppy for over two years now and is one of my favorite products to put on my face when it feels lackluster or dull. I love this new one from Glow Recipe it has 40% pineapple juice and the vitamin c from that really brighten and give the skin radiance! I also love hydrating the skin with a hyaluronic acid this is safe to use every day.  I go in with my Curology to battle any acne on my skin.

  4. With my ring finger and small patting motions, I apply eye cream from Philosophy around the orbital  bone making sure I go up to the brow!

  5. I apply products with active ingredients to help with signs of aging, enlarged pores and texture. Retinol every other day! This is an amazing vitamin A powerhouse that gives supernatural antioxidants to your skin to aid in cell turnover. It helps the freshest skin come to the surface faster! Younger skin anyone? Yes ma’am! I love two in particular from Philosopy and Drunk Elephant both are amazing products! I also love to treat my skin with chemical exfoliation and love to use products with A.H.A. (alpha hydroxy acids) product every other day to help with exfoliation of the dead skin!! I JUST received  this one from Drunk Elephant in my PR package and I am so excited to try!

  6. If I need extreme moisture, I love massaging a few drops of Face Hero  Oil from Go-To to really hydrate and protect my skin! I make sure to apply all the products onto the neck as well with an upward motion!

  7. Locking all of those amazing nutrients in with a great moisturizer is one of the last steps of my routine. I am learning that my skin is actually a little on the dry side and when I realized this WELEDA skin food was at a AMAZING price point at Target and Amazon, I tried it in a heart beat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much. I wake up with such moisturized skin and I even use it lightly in the morning right before my makeup with a beauty blender;  it gives an incredible, glow-from-with-in look!

  8. My last step is my LANEIGE Sleeping Lip Mask that I am IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with. I would recommend this products till the cows come home! 

EVERY OTHER DAY: I do a quick chemical exfoliant or peel mask to slaw off any dead skin! I love these from Philosophy , Bliss Jelly Glow Peel and these pads from Go-To are super convenient! 

ONCE A WEEK: I love to use a serious exfoliant to really give me a fresh complexion. I love these two products Peter Thomas Roth 20% glycolic acid peel swabs and the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™ 25% AHA + 2% BHA Mask ! They are totally game changers in the way my skin looks and feels! 

A part of my Beauty routine is taking my daily vitamins, and recently Care/Of PR sent me  personalized vitamin samples to test out in order to help me hit those beauty goals of mine!  

I have linked my all time favorite products that are on my actual rotation for my personal routine. These are products that have transformed my skin in one way or the other!

Thank you so much for visiting me today! May you know you’re loved and accepted just as you are! Right now, this minute. See you next week!



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