Oversized Sweaters: A Tip

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Hello, good morning and how are you? Oh my goodness my days off were glorious. Have you ever had a true weekend off? Just nothing going on, no make up to be put on, no matching clothes to be thought of, just resting? I did this weekend and I feel super energized, physically, spiritually and mentally for the week ahead! 

ere's the fastest, most effective tip, of styling time. Tuck your sweater in just a little bit and see how much it changes your look. See here on the pictures that I tucked this oversized sweater and it makes it look more chic and proportionate to my body? I love this tip ya'll. 

Pink Turtleneck Chunky Knit Sweater: (HERE
Skinny Jeans: steal (HERE) &  splurge (HERE
Pink Socks: (HERE
New Balance Shoes: (HERE
Pink Anorak Rain Jacket: (HERE

ne of the things that I am so grateful for in this life is the opportunity to learn and be better at something. That something I'm trying to be better at in this season in my life is to walk by faith and not by sight. Three years ago, after professing to be a Christian for over five years,  I realized I was full of shiitake mushrooms, if you know what I mean. I realized that try as I might, I could not trust God. When I was honest with myself and with HIM, He was able to take the reigns and we had groundbreaking change. What captivated my heart the most about the whole thing was that He never made me feel bad about my inability to trust him, He knew what had so terribly broken my heart and prevented me from trusting anyone. He didn't start with trust challenges with me, He started with healing the broken pieces, INJECTING His all powerful love into my heart. Once I KNEW how loved I was, once I knew WHO I was in Him, the platform to trusting him began to build a strong base. It was as if he replanted me into his love and grew roots in me only he could. Then things started happening that gave me the opportunity to test my faith and when I would trust beyond what I could see, I was amazed at how HE WAS TRUSTWORTHY. Faith is a muscle and God and I have been working on mine for a while now. I want to be in the Faith Olympics. I want to believe that the God who parted the Sea back in the day, is the God that loves me NOW and can exert the same power for those who believe and want His glory above theirs. I love that He gives me the opportunity to grow! May my faith be increased with each passing day! May I believe God at His word and not let fear overcome my mind and heart. May I "(look) to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith. ( Hebrews 12:2)"